Ace Bentley

Annabell Summer

Barrett Van

Beau Tatum

Brees Eviana

Cale Watson

Cambria Lilly

Chloe Shell

Dally Elaine

Dirk Matthew

Elijah Holt

Ellie Verona

Grayson Merritt

Gretchen Leslie

Haven Diane

Hayes Mark

Jasper Avery

Jovee Layne

Kaden Elmo

Kapri Kathleen

Laker Christopher

Libby Adair

Mayleigh KayAnn

Micah Doyle

Nathaniel True

Nova Rosalie

Olive Louise

Orin Rivers

Pepper Tien

Phoenix Reed

Quinn McCoy (boy)

Remington Ray

Robyn Adele

Ryan Alaric

Sage Brinley

Starla Fawn

Stryker Don

Tad Houston

Tatum Annette

Vera Quinn

Wayden Henry

Zeva Dawn

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5 Responses to LAKER CHRISTOPHER (Kansas)

  1. Kansas have some very sweet, sincere sounding names. Love Nova Rosalie and Quinn McCoy. Dawn and Quinn both seem to be favourites there.

    Stryker Dawn is a bit scary though – “strike at dawn”. Stryker is not very pretty for a girl (if it is a girl).

  2. Emily says:

    I’m loving Elmo, Alaric, Doyle, and Verona in the middle spot. Annabell Summer is lovely. My favorites are Hayes Mark, Nathaniel True, Quinn McCoy, Olive Louise, and Remington Ray.

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