GYPSY MABEL (Australia)

Amelie Brigitte Autumn (Hercule)
Archie Marko (Kobi)
Austin Fletcher
Baylen Francis
Blake Wellington
Callum Reece (Hudson)
Chloe Henrietta
Digby Anthony Hawker (Lucinda & Nicholas)
Finn Camden (Stella)
Gypsy Mabel (Jak & Asta)
Harriet Jane
Imogen Florence
Jessie Scarlett (Emilia & Tom)
Josie River
Layla Bernadette
Mackenzie James
Matilda Read
Nash Henry
Oleara Taylor
Ollie Hugo
Poppy Ellen
Rafael Fergus
River Jack
Ryder Flynn (Lily & Jedd)
Ulrich Thomas (Ottilie Sophia)
Violet-Sky Melva
Zali Jade
Zelda Gypsy Jane
Zyla Brooklyn
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3 Responses to GYPSY MABEL (Australia)

  1. Emily says:

    Digby Anthony Hawker is quirky and wonderful. There’s something to be said for the elegant simplicity of Harriet Jane, too.

  2. Emma says:

    Amelie Brigitte Autumn
    Finn Camden
    Gypsy Mabel
    Imogen Florence
    Matilda Read
    Nash Henry
    River Jack
    Rafael Fergus
    Ryder Flynn

    Wow it is like a whole bunch of people raided my many name lists!! So many great names 🙂

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