• Andrew Jestice
  • Ashland Danielle
  • Audrina Leighton
  • Audyn Jeashelle
  • Brady Levi
  • Briella Shea
  • Bronson Alexander
  • Cecilia QiQi
  • Charlotte Tulloss
  • Clayton Ryland
  • Dashiell Leigh 
  • Daveah Renee
  • Emerson Alyse Beverly
  • Ethan Thai
  • Evelyn Sue
  • Gianna Shyla
  • Grant Sidney
  • Harper Violet
  • Henrik Adam
  • Isaiah Parker
  • Joseph Palmer
  • Julianna Brooks
  • Kenzley Marie
  • Kimberlyn Paige
  • Layna Grace
  • Leo Arthur
  • Lexi Jo
  • Lily Annalise
  • Lucinda Margaret
  • Madeline Day
  • Maeve Maame
  • Matthew Stocker
  • Maxwell Houston
  • Nash Christopher
  • Natalie Elin
  • Noah Blaine
  • Nolan Turner Cooper
  • Owen Chandler
  • Payton Lorraine
  • Quincey Otto
  • Rai McKi (girl)
  • Richard Leonard
  • Roman Marcus
  • Shane Reid
  • Stevie Lynn 
  • Swayze Ray
  • Trace Walker Charles
  • Triana Shawnte
  • Vivian Lynnae
  • Zachary Binx
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5 Responses to SWAYZE RAY (Ohio)

  1. Skizzo says:

    Wow nearly all of the boy names here are super boring and overused. Disappointing.

  2. Swayze??? Oh dear, someone watched “DIrty Dancing” too many times while they were pregnant.

    I’m not sure what Jestice is meant to be – a funny day down at the law courts?

  3. Blue Juniper says:

    Liking Audrina Leighton, Briella Shea and Harper Violet – very pretty but not to frilly combos.

    Bit worried about Zachary Binx though. It’s far too similar to Thackeray Binx, the cat from ‘Hocus Pocus’ for me.

  4. punkprincessphd says:

    Daveah: new, non-sensical spin on Nevaeh? Or unsuccessful attempt to feminize Davy? If it’s the former, it spells Haevad: “Heaven” with sinus congestion…

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