• Abram Myers
  • Alyssa Binu
  • Annabell Stalia
  • Atli Soren (girl)
  • Avalon Olivia
  • Braymon Alan
  • Brighton James
  • Brynn Darlene
  • Calliope Colette
  • Chelsea Phoenix
  • Clarke Erick 
  • Coralyn Shannon
  • Dane Lawrence
  • Delsin Skyler
  • Doyle Joseph
  • Evangeline Juniper
  • Faye Marion
  • Grace Bennett
  • Gwen Katherine
  • Ian DeGraff
  • Isa Mary Grethe
  • Jem Seeger
  • Juliet Alma
  • Kayzlie Storm
  • Keithen Samuel 
  • Kniffen Wiess
  • Leandro Gordon
  • Lillian Moon
  • Lucia Juliette
  • Margaret Ada
  • Morgan Blake
  • Myra Lynn
  • Olivia Arleen
  • Pacey Kieran (boy)
  • Pippa Genevieve
  • Reed O’Brian
  • Ruth Esther
  • Serenity Inara Rozabeth
  • Sloane Ava
  • Tommie Lynn
  • Veer Inder 
  • Violet Phoenix
  • Zayne Morrison
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4 Responses to CALLIOPE COLETTE & JEM SEEGER (New York)

  1. Livlife says:

    Kniffen? I wonder if it is Niffen or Kuhniffen…and is it a boy or a girl?

    I really like Faye Marion, it seems a good blend of styles. Delsin is unusual, but somehow pleasing. Again, though, is Delsin Skyler a boy or a girl…

  2. Big fan of Evangeline Juniper, and can imagine Pippa Genevieve going down well.

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