ARCH & LOTUS (Australia)

Ajay Marthinus

Allira Rose (Blake & Kai)

Arch Donald

Banjo Scott  (Kellie, Lilith, & Tahlia)

Baxter Eugene (Lindon)

Brighton Alan John

Cleo Belle (Kirra)

Darcy Piper

Dorothy Jean

Edward John “Ted”

Elsa Eve

Evie Winter

Gemma Donna

Georgina Hope

Harlow Bradley (Orlando)

Honey Harper (Felix)

Hugo Tait (Gabrielle & Clara)

Jagger Ocean (Jayde)

Jasmine Lace (Tayla)

Jonah Lachlan

Letaya-Kirra Rose

Lotus Indiana Emmerson (Tyson, Harley, Dakota, & Kaiya)

Mae Elvie

Memphis Ethan

Orlando Ralphie

Pollyanna Rose (Louie)

Poppy Mildred

Roxy Harper (Chloe & Barney)

Sage Margaret

Sami Andrew

Saxon Owen

Stirling Murray

Taylor Jack (Zane, Logan, & Koby)

Violet Giselle (Blair, Sarah, & Zoe)

Yindi Tuppence (girl)

Zoi Stephanie


Alexia Matisse & Eleni Rose

Eloise Joan-Ena & Maddison Ann-Maree

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2 Responses to ARCH & LOTUS (Australia)

  1. Emma says:

    I love reading the Aussie names 🙂 LOVE Banjo. Loving Baxter, Stirling, Sage, Saxon, Brighton, Evie Winter (swoon), Honey and Cleo.

  2. Kimberly says:

    LOVE Evie Winter!

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