• Abnathy Alfonso 
  • Aksel Cooper
  • Amelia Grae
  • Arista Rose
  • Aspen Shea
  • Ava Marlene
  • Beckett Carmine
  • Blaze Thomas
  • Brice Everett
  • Brooklyn Maize 
  • Cameron Nole
  • Cecelia Ryder
  • Chattem Jack
  • Coden Stan
  • Cullen Wyatt
  • Deacon Gabriel
  • Easton Franklin
  • Eliel Nicolas
  • Emma-Rose Esther
  • Eydie Belle
  • Gabrie Ella
  • Gravin Brason
  • Harmon Thomas
  • Houston Costen
  • Imari Xanna
  • Jackson Ramsey
  • Jayden Celeste
  • Jo Lynn Marie
  • Josephine Belle
  • Keegan Michael-Anthony
  • Kohen Adner
  • Lawson Nathaniel
  • Liam Harvey
  • Lincoln Reid
  • Maeve Colleen
  • Margaret Virginia
  • Maxton Wyatt
  • Mildred Cate (Miriam, Mazie, & Matilda)
  • Neva Jolee
  • Perla Teresa
  • Ralph Waldo
  • Ruth Lee
  • Sakotah Grace
  • Sirena Adrianna
  • Susanna Camille
  • Thatcher Geoffrey
  • Trigg David
  • Vann Edward
  • Wylder Eris 
  • Zora Marion
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3 Responses to ABNATHY & WYLDER

  1. Emily says:

    I’m loving Harmon Thomas, Jackson Ramsey, Lawson Nathaniel, Susanna Camille, and Zora Marion. Sort of liking Mildred Cate too. I’m starting to think Mildred has a chance at a comeback, especially with the nickname Millie as a possibility. Miriam, Mazie, Matilda, and Mildred as sisters is marvelous.

  2. Sakotah??? I’m guessing Wylder is a girl? Which is interesting, and a thought-provoking match with Eris …

    Mildred Cate is lovely and unexpected, and Josephine Bell is nice.

    • Names4Real says:

      Yeah, I googled Sakotah and I did find a few people with the last name Sakota (no h though) so maybe that was the inspiration. Wydler is a boy. I should have added that especially with middle name Eris.

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