CAIRO & MELE (Sunday)

  • Abigail Amelia
  • Adlai Lewis
  • Alexis Capri
  • Amree Mae Rose
  • Ariel Viola
  • Ashley Parish
  • Aurora Skye
  • Azaria Elise
  • Benjamin Angel
  • Brecca Clara
  • Bristol Harper Hope
  • Cairo Sol 
  • Callum Luke
  • Case Garrison
  • Charlie Rex
  • Clara Bray
  • Collins Christine
  • Cru Casen
  • Drake Harley
  • EJ Maxander
  • Elliana Colette
  • Emerson Reid (boy)
  • Evam Alexzander
  • Finnley Adelaide
  • George Thaddeus
  • Grady Hobbs
  • Hailie Loretta
  • Harrison Herbert
  • Heavenly Dior
  • Jackson Baine
  • Janice Llewellyn
  • Jerus Cole
  • John Hyrum
  • Joseph Wiley
  • Juniper Ann Taylor
  • Kayelle Grace
  • Kendall Kathleen
  • Kyle Ann Kennedy
  • Lawson Cole
  • Leo Skye
  • Lilliana Violarose
  • Loralee Louise
  • Lydia Helene 
  • Maeve Cameron
  • Mara Kathleen
  • Matthew Leighton
  • Mele Mbagwu (girl)
  • Morgan Wynn (boy)
  • Neriah Grace
  • Novan Addicus
  • Patience Clara Aili
  • Porsha Rayne
  • Rainn Allan
  • Remington Rena
  • Ross Konstantin
  • Ryne Arron
  • Sancia Grace
  • Scarlette Olive
  • Sidney Nicholas
  • Stacie Irene
  • Taggart Martell
  • Thatcher Don
  • Travis Cole Thornton Dunn
  • Truxton Thomas
  • Wade Hayes
  • Wyatt Windsor
  • Ziel King
  • Zoe Adelaide


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5 Responses to CAIRO & MELE (Sunday)

  1. Emily says:

    Violarose is an interesting and lovely smoosh name. There are quite a few alliterative choices here, which I love. My favorites are Harrison Herbert, Loralee Louise, Truxton Thomas, and Wyatt Windsor. Other favorites from this list are Adlai Lewis, George Thaddeus, John Hyrum, Lydia Helene, and Ross Konstantin.

  2. eponymia says:

    My favorites from this bunch are George Thaddeus and Mara Kathleen.

  3. Novan Addicus is a little odd … it sounds like you are saying Atticus with your nose blocked … it sounds a little bit like a brand name for something. “For extreme pain, I take Novan Addicus”.

    Cairo Sol and Heavely DIor are pretty whoah … Leo Skye is my favourite.

  4. Winter says:

    Travis Cole Thornton Dunn, George Thaddeus, Wyatt Windsor, Thatcher Don, are a few of my favorites. But Heavenly Dior sounds like a 90’s under-dressed R&B singer. I can imagine hearing an announcer or advertisement on tv say: Miss Elliot and Heavenly Dior performing tonight for MTV music awards ceremony – catch it tonight at 8/9c time.

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