I had so many names to share I had to put them in a book.  I hope you like it.

What do you get?

* The latest list of celebrity babies.

* Names found in Australia, Ireland, England, New Zealand, & South Africa

* Old fashioned names like Enid, Harriet, Orville, & Percival

* Place names like Bali, Oslo & Vail

* Rare names like Dymphna, Sunnery, & Theodate

* Surnames like Breese, Devereux, & Granger

* Word names like Arrow, Evening, & Theory

*  Plus, the most popular names in the U.S. right now

*  All the names came from birth announcements, of course.

. . . . . and so much more.

A PDF copy, readable on your computer or ereader including Kindle, Nook, and iPad.


PRICE:  $4.99  now just $2.99

Pay with Paypal.   Just click the buy now button.

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Abby of Appellation Mountain and Anna of Waltzing more than Matilda were nice enough to review my book.  Thanks, ladies!  See what they had to say at

Appellation Mountain

Waltzing More Than Matilda


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8 Responses to BOLD BABY NAMES (e-book)

  1. Elea says:

    Congratulations on the book! I adore the cover.

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  3. Blue Juniper says:

    I bought your book and found it really interesting – it’s funny to see some names we think are popular because they get a lot of mentions in baby name forums aren’t used as often as we might think!

    Thanks for providing some fresh ideas, and I hope the adoption goes well!

  4. megan says:

    absolutely love your site! buying later! 🙂

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