BOYD & SAFFRON (United Kingdom)

  • Alfie Leonard
  • Anya Holly
  • Bailey Parker
  • Bethany Vida
  • Boyd Fergus Allan
  • Carys Amelia
  • Daisy Florence
  • Dulcie Laila
  • Eira Amalie
  • Emilia Ursula (Scarlett)
  • Evie Sumner
  • Fia Elizabeth (Pixie)
  • Flynn Samuel
  • Giles Edward Adam
  • Harris Fergus
  • Huw Frederick Llewelyn
  • Isabella India
  • Jemima Heather
  • Kane Jordan
  • Lacey Glenis
  • Lia Adele 
  • Lily Bee Maria Victoria
  • Lulu Mary
  • Maille Niamh
  • Max Ridley
  • Moses Lennon (Beau)
  • Noah Stanley
  • Oscar Peter Jefferson
  • Ralphy Lloyd
  • Rose Honor Elizabeth
  • Rosie Victoria
  • Saffron Amber (Kingston)
  • Seb Isaac
  • Summer Mary
  • Teddie James Lionel 
  • Thomas Volante
  • Violet Jennie
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2 Responses to BOYD & SAFFRON (United Kingdom)

  1. Elea says:

    I love seeing the Welsh Eira being used! And Huw! I have a real soft spot for Dulcie — I can definitely see it getting more popular on the back of all the popular -ie names in Britain.

  2. I love nearly all these names, and second the thought of more Dulcies.

    Stands out for me are Daisy Florence, Rose Honor Elizabeth and Lily Bee Maria Victoria. Fave boy – Teddie James Lionel.

    Amber Saffron is a bit redundant for my liking.

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