EFFY LEANN (North & South Dakota)

Alice Ophelia

Auden James

Bayla Bell

Benjamin Edison

Colette Allison

Dax Arthur

Effy Leann

Ethan Pete

Garrison Gregory

Harrison Tage

Henley Rhae (girl)

Iris Amelia

James Bennett

Jovie Ray Anna

Lane Volter

Lennon Elizabeth (Kobain)

Liv Ila

Mason Flint

Nia Leeann

Nolan Roger

Oliver Kerry

Palmer Drew

Pearl Olivia

Quinn Alice Jean

Reece Ali (boy)

Riana Harper

Sandra Margaret

Seeley Gage

Trig Arnold

Vaya Lindsay

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7 Responses to EFFY LEANN (North & South Dakota)

  1. Love Alice Ophelia and Iris Amelia. Liv Ila is very minimalist, and Cobain and Lennon … hmm why do I feel Lennon was picked in advance, regardless of gender or anything else????

  2. Emily says:

    I love Alice Ophelia, Iris Amelia, Oliver Kerry, and Pearl Olivia. I find myself wondering about possible names for Kobain and Lennon’s sibling. Marley? Presley? Jagger?

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  4. dotmyiis says:

    I am so happy to see Effy! For so long I had been thinking it wasn’t substantial enough to be on its own but it didn’t seem out of place reading it just now.

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