HENRY & ITA (Australia)

Albie Jack

Amelia Peter Darcy

Anderson Hyde

Arabella India Michelle

Bartholomew George

Blaise Oscar (Osian & Kaidyn)

Brax Drew

Brody Orlando

Clancy David

Clementine Alice (Bronte)

Cleo Pearl

Curtis Tate

Diesel Mark

Dimitrios Gil

Dylan Archer

Eadlin Rose

Estelle Maree

Gemma Chloe

Harlen Kaine

Havana Quinn

Henry Warwick (Lucinda & Abigail)

Hugo Trevor

Indigo Jade (Shae)

Isabella Lulu

Ita Myrtle

Jemima Lou (Molly, Finn, Oliver, Isaac, & Samuel)

Jesse Brooks (Wilyrd & Isaac)

Kaia Bea

Killara Faith

Lila Olive

Lola Jasmine

Luella Marie

Martha Robyn

Matilda Harper

Meka Victoria

Misty Tress

Nash Tander

Oscar Ellis

Owen Ambrose (Isaac) 

Pascalle Elizabeth (Hunter)

Pippa Violet

Poppy Leila

Quinn Vernon

Rhys Lachlan

Riccardo James

Rowan Kenneth Christopher

Ruby Enid

Skye Tamsyn (Jade)

Tommy Mark (Cooper & Taj)

Xavier Sky

Yasmine Bella

Zayn Hayden

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5 Responses to HENRY & ITA (Australia)

  1. Eponymia says:

    My favorites are Bartholomew George and Jemima Lou. Also like Clancy David and Cleo Pearl.

    Brax and Diesel are pretty bad and Nash Tander makes me giggle for some reason.

  2. Vee says:

    I wonder if Killara is named after the Sydney Suburb.

  3. Ita is an Irish name, which I happen to be using in my upcoming novel. Glad to see it’s not completely extinct!

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