CANDY & CURRAN (California)

Abbey Rowan Riah

Albert Matthew

Annabelle Karma

Beck Arthur

Brynn Mariella

Candy Alexandra

Curran Vincent

Dashiel Hunter

Dylan Magnolia

Edna Johanna

Emerson Phillip

Forrest Wesley

Gemma Bay

Harper Joseph

Holland Scarlett

Isla Eden

Jessa Mallory

Jordan Neville

Keeley Persephone

Konrad Karl

Lavina Storm

Lillian Maeve

Lucas Wilde

Marilyn Carol

Miles Dusty

Noah Raine

Olivia Blair

Pierce River

Reese Evangeline

Ruby Hale

Theodore Harley

Wyatt Winston

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4 Responses to CANDY & CURRAN (California)

  1. Emily says:

    I’m really liking Edna Johanna, Emerson Phillip, Forrest Wesley, Harper Joseph, Lillian Maeve, and Lucas Wilde.

  2. Ooh, a baby Edna! Lillian Maeve is stunning, and Pierce River very handsome.

  3. An Edna – how exciting!

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