• Angus Rollo
  • Arabella Sophie Marion
  • Ariadne Mary (Dominic)
  • Calum James Sheridan (Laughlan)
  • Charles Timothy Fernley
  • Cian Daniel
  • Cosmo Abner (Natalie)
  • Digby Henry Rhodes (Bertie)
  • Edward Sullivan
  • Ellen Kitty (George)
  • Faris Alexander (Rania Jasmine)
  • Fleur Lysbeth
  • Flora Savannah Grace (Thomas, Oliver, Daisy, Ellie, Molly, & Jack)
  • Florence Sara Vivian (Otto & Theodore)
  • Frederick Maximo Victor
  • George Ellison
  • Harriet Louisa
  • Henry Peter “Hal”
  • Horatio Frederick Colin
  • India Florence (Poppy)
  • Isabel Truth
  • Isabella Betsy
  • Jasper Josef Macduff
  • Jemima Venetia Antoinette
  • Leonard Boswood “Lenny”
  • Louis Zulu St. John (Wilfred & Oscar)
  • Mabel Pamela Artereta
  • Noah Mossy
  • Oscar Vaughan
  • Otto Caspar
  • Poppy Beatrix (Freddie & Ottilie)
  • Rose Shino
  • Rufus Paul
  • Tallulah Honor Rylands (Hal)
  • Werner Jan Hendrik 
  • Wilfred Grey
  • Winifred Ella
  • Xanthe Meredith Felicity (Flora, Hugh, & Hector)
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7 Responses to ARIADNE & FARIS (London)

  1. An unmistakably British list!

    That’s not the first time I’ve seen Xanthe and Hector in the same sibset either!

  2. Em says:

    I really like Faris Alexander 🙂

  3. Emily says:

    I always love the British lists. How is it they make clunky and crusty names feel so cool?

    I love Ariadne Mary, Cosmo Abner, Digby Henry Rhodes, Horatio Frederick Colin, Rufus Paul, Wilfred Grey, and Winifred Ella.

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  5. I used to live near a place called Rylands – never considered it’s potential of a name however!

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