• Amelia Helen
  • Audi Virginia
  • Callum Brody
  • Dalin Cole
  • Destin Able
  • Dreyden Matthew
  • Emalyn Irene
  • Emma Green
  • Grayden Wheeler
  • Haven Avery (girl)
  • Hollon Price
  • Jacob Nole
  • Jazmond Skye
  • Joseph French 
  • Kadence Grey (girl)
  • Karter Hansen
  • Kenry Kennard
  • Kitelyn Paige
  • Kreigh Andre
  • Lastat Michael
  • Leigh Margaret
  • Lia Eden
  • Liza Susan
  • Luke Ridley
  • Major Vance
  • Manston Lee
  • Matteson Jordan (girl)
  • Maya Amelie
  • Miana Rae
  • Miky Sue
  • Monroe Maelynn
  • Natalia Niambia
  • Nicholette Anne
  • Orion Rafael
  • Peyton West (girl)
  • Rayme Evelyn (girl)
  • Ribbe Jasper
  • River Willow
  • Rosalina Marie
  • Rylan Reese
  • Shawna Michelle
  • Skyden Robert
  • Sterling Houser
  • Sydnee Arlene
  • Tariq Amos
  • Tayten Mitchell
  • Thage Madison (girl)
  • Thayton Daniel
  • Timberlyn Rae
  • Trawick Hill
  • Tylin Levi
  • William Chappell
  • Zaiden Buck
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3 Responses to AUDI VIRGINIA (Sunday)

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  2. Emily says:

    Some of these gave me a headache. Tayten, Timberlyn, Jazmond, Kitelyn? Blech. I have to wonder if Lastat’s parents are big Anne Rice fans. My favorites: Amelia Helen, Joseph French, Luke Ridley, Orion Rafael, Sterling Houser, and William Chappell.

  3. Skurinksi says:

    Matteson Jordan and Peyton West scream boy to me.

    I liked Amelia Helen, Callum Brody, Emma Green, Grayden Wheeler, Karter, Kenry, Lia Eden, Liza Susan, Luke Ridley, Maya Amelie, Natalia, Orion Rafael, Ribbe Jaspar, Rylan Reese, Skyden, Tayten (sounds like Tatum).

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