• Adele Lillian (Ewan)
  • Allegra Elisabeth Giovanna
  • Aoife Veronica Stephanie (Annelies)
  • Arianne Genevieve
  • Aston Alexander (Allegra)
  • Aurelia Adell (Oroton)
  • Bethan Louise (Declan & Bryn)
  • Briley Violet (Oakley)
  • Celeste Ines
  • Clementine Bay (Matilda Rose) 
  • Cooper Cruz (Lily & Piper)
  • Dawson Neville (Howard & Campbell)
  • Drummer James
  • Eli Alfred Leonard
  • Eshton Thomas
  • Fletcher Gordon
  • Gabriella Wendy Modestina
  • Griff Thomas
  • Harvey Finn
  • Ilka Beatrice Lorraine
  • Indiana Charli (girl)
  • Isabella Fox
  • John Duke 
  • Jarvis Elliot
  • Jenae Colette
  • Jimmy Thomas
  • Judd Lee
  • Khai Geoffrey Mario
  • Lara Indigo
  • Liam Dominic (Oliver)
  • Lloyd Jude
  • Lucas Pennimpede
  • Macky Thomas
  • Matilda Olive
  • Maya Lois 
  • Max Sidney
  • Miriam Allegra
  • Myra Izabel
  • Noa Anouk
  • Oskar Ferdinand
  • Pippa Iris
  • Quinn Frazer (Cooper & Eden)
  • Remy Everard Baillieu
  • Rose Lia
  • Ruby Lou
  • Saxon Gordon
  • Sinead Robyn Joan
  • Steele Marcus
  • Tait Casper
  • Tadhg Francis 
  • Tobias Lindsay
  • Viola Eloise
  • Xavier Milroy Thomas
  • Zarina Makare

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6 Responses to CLEMENTINE BAY & DRUMMER (Australia)

  1. Emily says:

    Drummer, Everard, Steele, Anouk, and Casper are fun finds. Harvey Finn strikes me as the perfect balance of old and new. He sort of sounds like he could be the star of an action movie. Other favorites are Aurelia Adell, Jarvis Elliot, Miriam Allegra, Tadhg Francis, and Tobias Lindsay.

  2. I’m scared to look at the Australian names now –

    – not looking not looking –

    Ruby Lou is really cute though.

    (I peeked)

  3. Dearest says:

    Noa Anouk is the most eye-catching name here for me, but there are a lot of pretty ones, even though many of the best are middle names. Ines, Bay, Drummer, Ilka, Fox, Ferdinand, Frazer, Everard, Saxon, Tadhg and Viola are my favourite names on the list, but Eli Alfred Leonard is so well balanced in spite of all the names having two syllables, it’s almost scary! That’s a wonderful combination!
    Noa Anouk and Eli Alfred Leonard are the best combos, but Noa Anouk is more fun ^^

  4. Sophia says:

    Ooh, another Drummer! I’ve had the biggest crush on that name ever since I first heard it on Katy-from-No Big Dill’s sweet baby boy. So…much…cool. I’m also loving Celeste Ines, Clementine Bay, Harvey Finn, Ilka Beatrice (not so much Lorraine), Isabella Fox, Matilda Olive (super dooper cute), Miriam Allegra, Noa Anouk (I normally don’t like Noa all that much but Anouk is fantastic), Pippa Iris, Ruby Lou, Tadhg Francis (I’ve also heard Tadhg on a girl which I love) and Viola Eloise.

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