• Alice Penelope
  • Annalise Sarah
  • Archer Robert
  • Blake Duncan
  • Caeden Lachie
  • Denin Jack (Bria, Kade, & Taya)
  • Ellie Ruby
  • Ethan Harry
  • Genevieve Vivienne 
  • Gus Austin
  • Heimana Te Rangi-O-Tangaroa Jason
  • Huriana Te Rangimarie Louise
  • Janie Rose
  • Jasper Tate
  • Kace Donovan
  • Kiara Olive Miro
  • Liberty Yoko
  • Lily Ann Matarii 
  • Luke Callum
  • Marlo Dianne
  • Milan Jorge
  • Miriama Ngawaiata
  • Nikita Sara
  • Olivia Terrill
  • Rory Fergus
  • Ruben Keith Alan
  • Shepherd William Salvador (Annabelle)
  • Stirling Maxim
  • Tayne Samuel
  • Willow Ruby
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3 Responses to SHEPHERD & STIRLING (New Zealand)

  1. Are Heimana and Huriana twins?

  2. Dearest says:

    Sterling Maxim would have been better, but it’s still a wonderful name!
    Genevieve Vivienne is a bit of a mouthful and Alice Penelope and Rory Fergus are straight-forward and great. No wanderign off into the obscure, not boring, familiar, no words or creative spellings, just plain old good names. Very no-nonsense and refreshing 🙂

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