• Amaryllis Adele
  • Briar Aoibh
  • Claire Astrid
  • Dorothy Jean
  • Eliana Sky
  • Franceska Tamara
  • Georgette Elizabeth
  • Halona Hope
  • Irene Joy
  • Jersey Hope-Ann
  • Kassidy Laurette
  • Leah Daisy
  • Madalena Capri
  • Nicoletta Grace
  • Olivia Arden
  • Payton Allie-Collins
  • Quinlin Louisa
  • Raina Amor 
  • Sapphire Aubrey
  • Temperance Leann
  • Uma Eloise
  • Vida Aldo
  • Wren Rozlyn
  • Xanxi  
  • Zoe Bea
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3 Responses to AMARYLLIS ADELE

  1. Emily says:

    Wow, Amaryllis Adele – that’s lovely. Claire Astrid, Sapphire Aubrey, and Uma Eloise are nice as well.

  2. Sean and Kara says:

    We’re honored to see our daughter Briar Aoibh (Eve) on your list 🙂

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