• Annaliz Antonia
  • Arden Mackenzie (girl)
  • Asher Phoenix
  • Axel Naterick 
  • Bennie Thomas
  • Bode Colby
  • Brayden Clear
  • Briar Raymond
  • Brohn Julius
  • Carlin Spencer (boy)
  • Caroline Shalom
  • Cayleen Ava
  • Christian Gage
  • Coley Gretchen
  • Cooper Bales
  • Cormac William
  • Curren Tyler
  • Daycie Elizabeth
  • Devin Sage (boy)
  • Elias Kane
  • Ellis Allen
  • Estelle Jean
  • Fallon Piper
  • Gannon Jack
  • Hayes Loren
  • Hyden Cole
  • Isabella Makamae
  • Jasper Willis
  • Jett Bryson
  • Kagan Alyssa
  • Kayden Alaska (girl)
  • Laine Sebastian
  • Levi Everett
  • Liza Sophie
  • Mahnex Dee (boy)
  • Meadow Anna
  • Myles Camden
  • O’Marion Lamont
  • Owen Lindell
  • Perry Ebb
  • Preston Thaddeus
  • Reese Edmund
  • Saylor Suzanne
  • Shiloh Xavier
  • Skyler Blaise (boy)
  • Tahlia Bronwyn
  • Taylor Emory (boy)
  • Waverly Anne
  • Zen Anthony
  • Zowen Dustin
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4 Responses to ESTELLE & PERRY (Sunday)

  1. Sebastiane says:

    I like these:

    Asher Phoenix
    Caroline Shalom
    Cormac William
    Estelle Jean
    Meadow Anna
    Waverly Anne-GP
    Zen Anthony

  2. Dearest says:

    There are a lot of feminine names on boys here! I like it, but Briar, Carlin, Ellis, Loren, Laine, Dee, O’Marion, Shiloh, Skyler Blaise and Taylor Emory would by many be considered more fit for a girl than a boy. I like that so many parents go against the trend and choose these names for their boys. Shiloh, Emory and Carlin are most surprising I think, but they’re all refreshing to see on young boys!

    Meadow Anna is perfectly balanced between whimsical and down-to-earth!
    Asher Phoenix is also very handsome, and Hayes Loren is lovely. I love Hayes 🙂

  3. Skurinksi says:

    Very interesting list today.

    For boys I liked Asher Phoenix, Axel, Devin Sage, Elias Kane, Hayes Loren, Levi Everett, Myles Camden, Owen Lindell, Perry, Reese, Shiloh Xavier, Skyler Blaise, Taylor Emory and Zowen. Sheesh that’s a lot! Ellis Allen doesn’t flow too well imo, but I do like Ellis. Mahnex is just weird.

    For girls, I enjoyed Caroline Shalom, Estelle Jean, Piper, Liza Sophie, Meadow Anna, Suzanne and Tahlia Bronwyn. Arden Mackenzie sounds too boyish to me. Annaliz I just don’t like the spelling, otherwise it’s a pretty name.

  4. Skyler Blaise is fabulous!

    Mahnex sounds like a fabric, like spandex … it’s the name of a Nigerian internet company, which doesn’t fill me with confidence .

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