• Aaron Marno
  • Adina-Angela
  • Andreas Florian
  • Antonia Celine
  • Aurelius Damian
  • Ben Marlon
  • Carlito Prince
  • Clara Catharina
  • Djamila Chayene
  • Edem Paul
  • Elif Yagmur (girl)
  • Emil Julius
  • Fabian Dominik
  • Georgeta Maria
  • Hanna Zofia
  • Hermine Stephanie
  • Ivan Firas Yalda
  • Johanna Margarete
  • Joshua Milagro
  • Jule Josephine
  • June Sofie
  • Katelyn Nala
  • Kenneth Winn
  • Lanni Josephine
  • Lena Agnes
  • Lennox Kidani
  • Leon Andreas
  • Leonie Sophie
  • Levin Raphael
  • Lina Sophie
  • London Alexandru
  • Luca Elias
  • Luke Emmett
  • Marie Elwine
  • Marlena Rosa
  • Matteo Marco
  • Merza Zuleyha
  • Mika Leonardo
  • Nele Sophie
  • Noah Maxime
  • Paul Linus
  • Rayen Jurgen
  • Romy Yvonne
  • Samuel Ciel
  • Soren Andreas Peter Lothar Boniek
  • Teresa Floris
  • Tim Jonathan
  • Ummu Gulsum (girl)
  • Willow Trynn 
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4 Responses to GERMANY

  1. Sophia says:

    Willow in Germany intrigues me… I wonder if they’ll pronounce it the English way or if the W will be pronounced like a V as it usually is in German.

  2. Sebastiane says:

    I am always disappointed with the German birth announcements, English nature names seem popular, which I have nothing against, but I don’t understand why German parents take nature names from their own language. I also notice that tryndee American names are very common as well, like London and Lennox 😦 Oh well. I do like these:

    Antonia Celine
    Aurelius Damian-awesome!
    Clara Catharina
    Elif Yagmur
    Fabian Dominik
    Georgeta Maria
    Hermine Stephanie
    Johanna Margarete
    June Sofie
    Lena Agnes-so sweet!
    Levin Raphael
    Lina Sophie
    Marie Elwine
    Marlena Rosa
    Matteo Marco
    Soren Andreas Peter Lothar Boniek

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