• Aisling Elizabeth
  • Baithin Jameson
  • Brandon Ashby
  • Carmen Annie
  • Celestine Grace
  • Charlie Weathers
  • Colt Nicholas
  • Colton Doc
  • Conor Montgomery
  • Dally Mackenzie (girl)
  • Dane Orion
  • Delbert Gavin
  • Drakeley Elijah
  • Eleanora Sophia
  • Elise Louise
  • Ellany Paige
  • Elliot Alden
  • Ember Isabella
  • Emery Thomas
  • Fairon Dallas Sean
  • Forrest Peyton
  • Haven Alicia
  • Hurley Stephen
  • Icelyn Tabitha 
  • Izzy Annabelle
  • Kaiah Gabrielle
  • Locke Charles
  • Luke Lehman
  • Maddox Bailey
  • Mataya Isabelle
  • Mathias Blade
  • Nicodemus Cody
  • Oliver Banjo
  • Reid Livingston
  • Renner William
  • Rolen Tate
  • Ryer Steven
  • Seck Connor
  • Sprague Emily
  • Ty George


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10 Responses to CELESTINE & SECK (Sunday)

  1. LOVE Aisling Elizabeth and Dane Orion!!!

    I’m going to go out on a limb and just say I think Oliver Banjo is Australian. 🙂

  2. Emily says:

    So I’m loving Celestine Grace, Eleanora Sophia, Emery Thomas, Locke Charles, Reid Livingston, and Ty George.

    However, something tells me Seck isn’t going to appreciate his name very much after the age of about twelve. Also, Baithin and Icelyn? Baithin = bathin’ and Icelyn = Iceland? At least Connor, Jameson, and Tabitha are nice middle names.

  3. Zeffy says:

    Oh, Celestine is so pretty. I wonder why Nicodemus’ parents chose his name. There must be a great story there.

  4. Dearest says:

    Elise Louise is a bit of a tongue twister.

    Loving Reid Livingston (mostly for his mn) and Nicodemus Cody (mostly for his fn).
    Celestine and Locke are also great ^^

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  6. Sebastiane says:

    Sprague? Really? To me it sounds like the name of a troll in a children’s book.

    Some absolute lovelies:

    Aisling Elizabeth
    Celestine Grace-so sweet, feminine and pretty
    Dane Orion
    Eleanora Sophia
    Elise Louise
    Ember Isabella-gorgeous, I adore Ember
    Haven Alicia-GP
    Mathias Blade-love this combination
    Nicodemus Cody-love this combination
    Oliver Banjo-this is awesome

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