MIRIAM & WELDON (unaltered)

  • Aaron Nicholas
  • Addison Elizabeth
  • Ainsley Parker
  • Alex Ryan
  • Alexa Elizabeth
  • Aria Marie
  • Bailey Joy
  • Bow David
  • Bradyn Steel
  • Brody Alexander
  • Brynley Noelle
  • Brysen Alan
  • Bryson Michael 
  • Caleb Douglas
  • Camden Lynn (boy)
  • Carly Grace
  • Carter Lee
  • Casey Dawn
  • Cashe Giavonni Paul
  • Caterra Jahlyne
  • Cayman Elizabeth
  • Chloe Elizabeth
  • Claire Julianna
  • Danielle Alexis
  • Dayton Pacey
  • Dirks Cole
  • Elijah James
  • Evan Angeluis
  • Gage Thomas
  • Hayden Harper (girl)
  • Jackson Matthias
  • Jackson William
  • Jacob Anthony
  • Jaxon David
  • Kahlani Renee
  • Katherine Rose
  • Kayden Scott
  • Keegan Franklin
  • Kendall Elizabeth
  • Kenley Brielle
  • Leah Faith
  • Lexington Linn (boy)
  • Lyric Dara
  • Lyrica Jade
  • Macie Lynn
  • Mackenzie Jo
  • Madison Elaina
  • Makenna Marie
  • Makenzie Grace
  • Miriam Alice
  • Oliver Timothy
  • Owen Morningstar
  • Owen Scott
  • Quinlyn Kay
  • Raelyn Grace
  • Reece William 
  • Ryleigh Autumn
  • Skylar Annalese-Marie
  • Sophia Isabella
  • Sophia Marie
  • Weldon Lavance
  • Wyatt Adam-Lee
  • Zackary Ian

* A list of babies born in Pennsylvania without any filtering from me.

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9 Responses to MIRIAM & WELDON (unaltered)

  1. Emily says:

    Owen Morningstar is very interesting. I’d love to hear the story behind that middle name.

  2. Skurinksi says:

    Some interesting names here and there.
    What’s with the Lynn/Linn resurrection for boys?

    The number of unisex names on girls is astonishing, its almost the norm: Addison, Ainsley, Bailey, Brynley, Carly, Casey, Cayman, Hayden, Kendall, Kenley, Lyric, Madison, Mackenzie/Makenzie, Quinlyn, Raelyn, Ryleigh, Skylar. Wow! Any of those can go either way.

  3. armywifeontheprairie says:

    Okay, I’ve been stalking this blog for about 7 months now, haha. We are struggling terribly with girl names for our baby due in March! Really want to bounce the list off you guys b/c you’re so awesomely honest!! Here goes:
    – Kinley
    – Maysen
    – Kensie
    – Everleigh
    Middle name either Ronan (a family name) or Cate. Thoughts???

    • Names4Real says:

      My favorite would be Everleigh Cate or Kenzie Ronan.

      Good luck!

    • Skurinksi says:

      Everleigh seems the girliest to me. Kinley is really trendy and seems like it will be dated in a decade’s time. Maysen is strictly used on boys, Kensie is kinda ugly, sorry, and a tad masculine too.

      I’d go with Everleigh Cate.

  4. marginamia says:

    Bow David! I wonder if his parents are musicians or archers, perhaps? I could really get behind it, if so.

    And Miriam Alice is divinity. I hope she goes by ‘Mim’!

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