AMDEN & AURA (Sunday)

  • Abby Lane
  • Alden Rayford
  • Amden Cade
  • Anna Lake
  • Anya Kimbra
  • Asa Alfred
  • Aura Lynn
  • Bishop Steven
  • Braden Hampton
  • Braxton Spade
  • Brett Lanier
  • Bronte Pierce (girl)
  • Caleb Marion (boy)
  • Cash Trudeau
  • Cealey Loren Cypress (boy)
  • Chante Evangeline
  • Charlotte Neal
  • Cherrianna Marie
  • Chesney Grace
  • Chiara Pamela
  • Christopher Hubert
  • Connor Atley
  • Cooper Haddock
  • Creighton Benjamin
  • Destin Jayden
  • Drey Lunden
  • Elladina Anna
  • Eugene Michael
  • Greer Martin (girl)
  • Hazel Marley
  • Jack Venson
  • Josef Benedict
  • Karma Alexandra
  • Kayella Korleen
  • Kingston Quiller 
  • Lars Duncan
  • Layelle Layne
  • Lillith Ruby
  • Lucy Bradley
  • Maken Denver
  • Manning Russell
  • Matix Matthew
  • Mazdyn Fayre
  • Mesa Catherine
  • Mistie Mae
  • Nero Michael
  • Octavious Sincere
  • Paxson Kash
  • Quentina AnnaMay
  • Randi Brooks (girl)
  • Rhett Champman
  • Ridik James
  • Roy James
  • Sekela Alexander
  • Serenity Ariana
  • Shrey Christopher
  • Story Isabelle
  • Tindal Wyatt
  • Vala Marie
  • Wyatt Kellan
  • Zeta Elizabeth


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7 Responses to AMDEN & AURA (Sunday)

  1. Skurinksi says:

    Aura is quite interesting. So are Quiller and Creighton.
    Is it me or is Bishop popping around more?
    Cealey Loren Cypress is one hell of a name – loving it!
    Is Sekela a boy?
    Shrey and Tindal are peculiar, I quite dig them.
    Matix feels very close to Matrix.
    Layelle Layne? Wonder if she’ll go by LayLay…
    Chiara Pamela is gorgeous! Also enjoying Anya and Asa.
    Bronte Pierce is way too harsh for a girl…poor thing

  2. Octavious Sincere is pretty amazing … Abby Lane reminds me of Abbey Road!

  3. Sarah A says:

    Rhett Chapman and Roy James?! Swoon! 🙂

    And I got a chuckle out of Eugene Michael as it’s the opposite of my hubby’s names.

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