• Allory Kate
  • Aurora Angel 
  • Belle Lane
  • Brandis Will
  • Brigham Zander
  • Cade Southern
  • Callahan Lucas
  • Callie Bess
  • Caspian William
  • Chloe Moon
  • Dallas Taylor (boy)
  • Dalton Colt
  • Dana Margaret
  • Dempsey Rae (girl)
  • Dex Ronald
  • Eden Susannah
  • Elizabella Marie
  • Erin Opal
  • Gattlyn Goldie
  • Gidget Everely
  • Gunnar Hardy
  • Hailey Maxine
  • Hank Sydney
  • Heath Murray
  • Hollis Eleanor
  • Iley Madison
  • Isabella Love
  • Ivory Honor
  • Jace Denton
  • Jagger Wade
  • Josephine Jade
  • Kane Phoenix
  • Keelie Petal 
  • Kelton Stone
  • Lily Soleil
  • Logan Prentice
  • Luke Fenton
  • Maeve Joy
  • Margo Elliot
  • MaryJane Mallory
  • Mox Andrew
  • Nolan Kendrick
  • Olivia Marguerite 
  • Pearl Birdie 
  • Presley James (boy)
  • Reed Duncan
  • Sakura Joyce
  • Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory, anyone?)
  • Thaddeus Jude
  • Thane Kinman
  • Thelma Jean
  • Willa Rose
  • Zane Bridger
  • Zaylie Christina

image by Hatterprints

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  1. Callahan is my surname-as-first-name love. It’s a fun name to say, and shortens to the zippy Cal. The combination of Pearl and Birdie is inspired.

  2. namemuststay says:

    MaryJane Mallory is a clash of styles that somehow works! I wonder if “MJ” is in her future…

  3. Skurinksi says:

    Oooo I really like Presley James, awesome combo. Gidget is kinda weird, boy or girl?

  4. Eponymia says:

    Where are these ones from? They have such a Southern hipster vibe!

    • Names4Real says:

      Good question. 🙂 I was cleaning out an old Excel file and some of these didn’t have where I got them from, but I can tell you they are all from the U.S. Some of them did come from Tennessee though.

  5. I love Thaddeus Jude, and Pearl Birdie is amazing! 🙂

  6. Zeffy says:

    Not the first time I’ve come across a Willa Rose. Also, I wonder if Sheldon Cooper’s parents know of The Big Bang Theory. I’m guessing they don’t. But what a fun namesake the child is going to have.

    • Names4Real says:

      I really like that show, but you’re right. He’s not a major character on the most popular show so his parents probably didn’t know, but I thought of him immediately.

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