• Adalyn Hasty
  • Anika Maeve
  • Avery Colby (girl)
  • Avery Manion (boy)
  • Braxton Franklin Lee
  • Callie Rain
  • Cameron Hugh
  • Charlotte Rena
  • Colt Chad
  • Delia Willow-Carey
  • Dominic Harvey 
  • Elint Manvel 
  • Emilia Giada
  • Finley Juliana
  • Finnian Timothy
  • Grafton Scott
  • Heaven Lee
  • Isaiah Ludger
  • Jazzabella Jade
  • Joby Michael 
  • Kaleese Olivia
  • Kenzie Love
  • Layne Phillip
  • Liberty Janette
  • Logan Leon
  • Lyici Josie
  • Marley Temple
  • Maximus Eugene
  • Natalie Stewart
  • Nolan Bradshaw
  • Pieta Rosaria
  • Quinn Dempsey
  • Sara Vangia
  • Sebastian Graham
  • Taylor Joseph
  • Trulee Mary 
  • Tucker Benjamin
  • Zaden Leo
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10 Responses to GRAFTON & TRULEE (Maine)

  1. Grafton is a very attractive country town in New South Wales – now I’ve seen it as a baby name, I’m wondering why I haven’t seen it here before.

    Is Heaven Lee on your list of no-no names? 😉

  2. Jazzabella? Gulp! And PIeta is fascinating … somehow it sounds less aggressively religious than Heaven Lee.

  3. Skurinksi says:

    Are Marley and Quinn girls?

    Overall a so-so list. I’m enjoying Layne.

  4. namemuststay says:

    Zaden! I’m seeing almost every popular/common name these days being given the Z treatment!

  5. thatgirl says:

    You used my niece’s very unique name on this list. Kind of creepy that you are stalking baby names!

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