RADKO & SATINE (United Kingdom)

  • Alastair Logan
  • Anya Bronwyn 
  • Arthur Noel 
  • Bella Maisie
  • Betsy Evelyn Sage
  • Brooklyn Clay
  • Cherry-Sinace
  • Culleigh May 
  • Dante Rico
  • Dolores Violet
  • Eden William
  • Ellis George
  • Emmeline Frances
  • Florence Esme
  • Freya Louisa
  • Georgina Emma
  • Hadley Benjamin
  • Hector Sebastian
  • Isla Beatrix
  • Jasmine Florence
  • Jonty Christian Edward
  • Keelan John
  • Layla-Jay
  • Lola Jenny
  • Luna Lillian
  • Mack Sinclair
  • Maisie May
  • Mikey Stephen
  • Niamh Adele
  • Pixie Jean (Paisley)
  • Radko Paul (boy)
  • Rory Martin
  • Ruan McKean 
  • Satine Ruby
  • Suzanna Lou 
  • Tallulah Willow (Roman, Deacon, Madison, Dakota, Kobie, & Keiki)
  • Theo Kenneth
  • Thompson David 
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14 Responses to RADKO & SATINE (United Kingdom)

  1. Skurinksi says:

    Interesting to see Brooklyn and Hadley skew masculine in the UK.

  2. Jonty always seems so British!

  3. namemuststay says:

    All gorgeous names, and Maisie May, though there’s so much wrong with it from a name-nerd’s perspective, is just about the cutest! Anya Bronwyn especially, and Mack Sinclair is just cool!

  4. Chelsea says:

    I was aware that Brooklyn tended to be more a male name than female name in the UK and thought of Hadley as a male name anyway, but I was intrigued to see Eden used on a boy (unless William is a mn for a girl which would be just as surprising).

  5. Eponymia says:

    I know a baby boy Eden, born this year, in the US.

    Arthur Noel and Hector Sebastian are nice. I really like seeing Dolores used, and that’s a great spelling of Suzanna to use with the middle name Lou.

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