LYNN & PARKS (Indiana)

  • Abigail Prudence
  • Allison Delrose
  • Angeliqua Faith-Church
  • Asia Rayelle
  • Avonlea Sky 
  • Beck Walter
  • Berlyn Ellison
  • Briar Landyn 
  • Canton Dean
  • Cielo Faith 
  • Courdan Grace
  • Declan Roy
  • Drake Eldon
  • Eliam Jackson
  • Emma Jabe
  • Everett Hathaway
  • Graham Redding
  • Hank Benjamin
  • Henry Cash
  • Isabelle Elo
  • Jaxton Charles
  • Jersey Jenise
  • Jrue Allan
  • Kambry Annelle
  • Kendra Blair
  • Kimber Sylvia
  • Leighton Elena
  • Libbyanne Elizabeth
  • Lynn Nicole
  • Maiara Esther
  • Margorie Elaine
  • Mason Rich
  • Miles Ford
  • Nash Rodney
  • Nolan Campbell
  • O’Mari Travis
  • Parks Matthew
  • Reanne Lucero 
  • Renna Elizabeth
  • Rudy Lucas
  • Sadie Lucielle
  • Seneca Racine (boy)
  • Slisha Danae (girl)
  • Summer Rain
  • Teegan Evander
  • Tori Abbigail
  • Tyson Haze
  • Wade Everett
  • Zaio Agustin
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6 Responses to LYNN & PARKS (Indiana)

  1. Emily says:

    Beck Walter, Everett Hathaway, Graham Redding, Hank Benjamin, and Wade Everett are my favorites from this list.

    Angeliqua Faith-Church is a little, um, excessive. I don’t know how Slisha’s family is pronouncing her name, but I automatically think “slice ya” as in “I’m gonna slice ya open.” Not a good name for a little girl.

  2. Libbyanne Elizabeth?? Were they honouring TWO people named Elizabeth there?

    Seneca Racine is very literary and striking, and I guess Avonlea Sky is a literary name too, and pretty. When I was 10 I thought Avonlea would be a sweet name for a little girl.

  3. Eponymia says:

    I know a woman named Cielo — always struck me as rather pretty, and it’s so unusual for a girl name to end in “O.”

    I like Maiara Esther, Rudy Lucas and Zaio Agustin, too. I haven’t seen Zaio and it might not appeal to me without the strong middle name it’s paired with.

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