BRONZE & RIX (Louisiana)

  • Ace Shaun
  • Armonie James
  • Bronze Quinten
  • Charlie Jane
  • Cora Sage
  • Derionna Lovely
  • Easton Shae (girl)
  • Ethan Wolf
  • Gus Aloysius
  • Hale Stanton
  • Holland Avery (girl)
  • Jagger Rudy
  • Joycelyn Mable
  • Judith Elle
  • Jy James
  • Jyden Isadore (boy)
  • Kaine Brian
  • Kale Dennis
  • Koen Tate
  • Maribel Elizabeth
  • Marley Jaylen (boy)
  • Matilda Tempest
  • Micah Elizabeth
  • Mixon Thomas
  • Myles Madden
  • Noah Hawk 
  • Norbert Henry
  • Rhodes James
  • Rix John
  • Sumaarii MariDessa 
  • Suri Lynn
  • Vera Kate
  • William Lennet
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7 Responses to BRONZE & RIX (Louisiana)

  1. LeeLee says:

    Wow some very j&y-heavy names on this list…I hope Joycelyn, Jyden, and Jy aren’t all in the same class together 😉 On the flip side, Matilda Tempest is absolutely amazing!

  2. Emily says:

    I love Gus Aloysius and Matilda Tempest. Norbert Henry is pretty interesting too. I also like seeing Cora, Isadore, and Vera.

  3. Bronze is strange and rather lovely – there are many gemstone names, but not as many metal names.

    Love Matilda Tempest and Ethan Wolf.

    Charlie Jane very much like one of my celebrity babies – Charlie June! 🙂

  4. Skurinksi says:

    Quite like Rhodes, Jy and Rix.

  5. Rix and Rhodes are cool – almost too cool to live up to! LOVE seeing Hale in use, and I like Cora Sage and Holland Avery quite a bit, too.

  6. Sophia says:

    Matilda Tempest is fantastic! I also love Easton on a girl and Noah Hawk is quite cool.

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