• Abishai David 
  • Afton Elizabeth
  • Benjamin August
  • Bjorn Anders
  • Caitland May
  • Callista Raley
  • Clara Lucille
  • Dally Jean
  • Dimitri Jax
  • Duke McClish
  • Eli Wilke
  • Elizabeth Harlene
  • Emmett Bruno
  • Evelyn Wendy
  • Graesyn Biff
  • Hadley Laura
  • Harlin Leo
  • Hunter Boone
  • Ila Josephine
  • Isadora Vivian
  • James Apollo
  • Jennavice Violet
  • Joanie Marie
  • Kateley Yvonne
  • Keaton Atreyu
  • Kellen O’Keefe
  • Lillian Isis
  • Lottie Adelle 
  • Lucius Edmand
  • Marta Yesenia
  • Maybelle Scott
  • Merrill Wayne
  • Napoleon Michael 
  • Noel Tadeo
  • Nolan Rider
  • Nova Kateri 
  • Portia Helen
  • Presley Klein (girl)
  • Rhonda Jean Marie
  • River Sage (boy)
  • Rylan Warner
  • Sage Louise 
  • Scarlett Jewel
  • Shealynn Suzanne
  • Shilin James
  • Sonora Ethel
  • Tule Faith
  • Tyler Adarine
  • Vicki Lee 
  • Viola Jean
  • Wade Davis
  • Winston Paul 
  • Zylia Ariana
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8 Responses to CAITLAND & NAPOLEON (Oregon)

  1. Emily says:

    I find myself really loving these: Afton Elizabeth, Benjamin August, Clara Lucille, Emmett Bruno, Evelyn Wendy, Isadora Vivian, James Apollo, Lottie Adelle, Merrill Wayne, Napoleon Michael, Portia Helen, Sonora Ethel, Viola Jean, and Winston Paul. So basically, there are a lot of really nice names on this list. Oregon has style. 🙂

  2. Skurinksi says:

    River Sage and Lillian Isis are my favs here.

  3. Clio says:

    I liked a lot from this list. Afton Elizabeth, Benjamin August, Callista, Clara Lucille, Dimitri Jax, Hunter Boone, Ila Josephine, Lillian Isis, Nova Kateri, River Sage, and Sonora.

  4. Biff is a wacky middle name.

  5. namemuststay says:

    Pet Peeve: If you’re going to use a name like Napoleon, which has a very obvious and well-known source, don’t spell it differently. Just go ahead an honour Napoleon – he might have been short but he was a pretty fearless leader – don’t give your kid a name that looks like it’s pronounced Nap-o-leen.

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