• Addison Doris
  • Allison Campbell
  • Andrew Baker
  • Bentley Trigger
  • Brayun Raynard
  • Brooke Chastin
  • Carlsten Manuell
  • Caston Curtis 
  • Chloe Diamond
  • Cobey Albert
  • Dale Demetric
  • David Maximo
  • Donovan Bernard
  • Eloise Sibbie
  • Emma Charles
  • Emmony Rose
  • Ethan Tyler Manley
  • Garrett Leonard
  • Georgeana Naomi
  • Hardy Ray
  • Izabella Reeves
  • Jameson Maurice
  • Jett Lane
  • Judah Miles
  • Keely Pierce
  • Kellar Dianne
  • Keon Benjamin
  • King Charles
  • Kirby Darnell
  • Lakelyn Nicole
  • Loralie Faeanna
  • Marley Brooks
  • Massee Claire
  • Max London
  • Miles Turner
  • Neely Reese
  • Noah Alden
  • Noe Carmae (girl)
  • Olivia Florence
  • Paris Unique
  • Parkman Kirk
  • Paycen Bryant
  • Raylee Joanna
  • Rylin Savoy (girl)
  • Stryker Cole 
  • Thomas Rainey
  • Tinsley Layne
  • Tripp Colten
  • Walton Lee
  • Zari Noelle
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6 Responses to EMMA CHARLES & WALTON (Georgia)

  1. Skurinksi says:

    Gender for Keely, Neely and Paris?

    Charles on a girl? Well at least its in the middle.

    Trigger? Awful. Same with Tripp, I’ll never get behind that one.

    Boy names are getting way too surnamey imo.

  2. Emily says:

    Seeing as these names are from Georgia, I’m not at all surprised to see the masculine surname-y names on girls (Charles, Pierce, Savoy, Kellar, Campbell, etc) or the surname names on boys (Baker, Carlsten, Caston, Parkman, Walton, etc). They’re probably all family names. Georgia is very close to home for me, so I’m very familiar with family surnames as first and middle names (boys or girls). These names are definitely Southern.

  3. namemuststay says:

    Paris Unique and Bentley Trigger aren’t my style, but I’m strangely drawn to Loralie Faeanna!

  4. Tinsley Layne puts an immediate image in my mind of a lane lined with tinsel … is that a good thing??

    (I’m assuming Tinsley is a girl, but maybe not).

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