• Alia Whitney
  • Amelia Lake
  • Ames Jackson
  • Arabelle Riley
  • Aubrey Lourdes
  • Benny Gerardo
  • Bentley Egon
  • Billie Jean
  • Blayton Tony
  • Brax Roman
  • Brecklen Geneva
  • Breelan Ruby
  • Brooks Harrell
  • Bryst Leigh Preston
  • Caoimhe Nahla
  • Carolina Taylor
  • Charles Vernon
  • Chris Angel
  • Cian Joseph
  • Cordell Gage
  • Creighton Matthew
  • Drew Townson
  • Eliana Star
  • Elijah Urban
  • Ellison Renee
  • Emmalyn Christy
  • Ezra Steele
  • Glyn Dawson
  • Hayley Ubella
  • Heaven Reign
  • Jack Mercer
  • Julius Avie
  • Justin Mann
  • Kenton Jared
  • Kenzington Royal
  • Kiptyn Isaac
  • Layton Haily
  • Ledgen Ryan
  • Lexxtin Monroe (boy)
  • Logan Rock
  • Lovell Elizabeth
  • Maggie Emmeline
  • Marianna Lacy
  • Melinda Don
  • Mia Justine
  • Pierce Vinson
  • Presley Drew (girl)
  • Rilynn Edith
  • Rowan Ellene
  • Sebastian Fox
  • Shyston Lawrence
  • Sibyl Krysh
  • Taylor Dean (boy)
  • Tiras David
  • Vanessa Mabel
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11 Responses to AMELIA LAKE (Sunday)

  1. Emily says:

    My favorites: Brooks Harrell, Charles Vernon, Ezra Steele, Jack Mercer, Maggie Emmeline, and Sebastian Fox. I’d be curious to meet the parents of Billie Jean and Chris Angel. I’m glad to see Geneva, Julius, Edith, Sibyl, Dean, and Mabel getting some love. 🙂

  2. Skurinksi says:

    Taylor Dean, in love. I like Presley on a boy, just seems odd on a girl due to the Elvis connection. Curiously I also enjoy Kiptyn, reminds of the Bachelor, the guy was a cutie. Also liked Ezra Steele.

    Kenzington, Lexxtyn, Ledgen, Lovell and Shyton are pretty out there. Lots of -ton names on boys. Not sure if Bryst is a boy or girl.

  3. Sophia says:

    I must say, unfortunately, that I got more cringes than smiles out of this lot. There are a few lovely ones- Amelia Lake, Arabelle Riley, Billie Jean (in theory I love this, but I would never use it because of the obvious pop culture reference) and Vanessa Mabel- but they were far eclipsed in a… not-to-my-taste kind of way by Blayton, Brax, Brecklen, Breelan, Bryst, Creighton, Kenzington Royal (this one just seems unbelievably tacky to me, I think it’s the ‘z’ and the forced wannabe-royalty feel of the two names together), Ledgen (…d?), Lexxtin (I just can’t do double x, I just can’t!), Lovell, Shyston and Krysh (middle of Sibyl). I feel bad ’cause I feel like every time I comment on here I’m pointing out the names I don’t like, but… you can’t ignore some of these questionable offerings, you just can’t.

    • Names4Real says:

      I was cleaning out Excel spreadsheets so I added twice as many names to this list as I usually do so it has a lot of not-my-taste names. I like to share names that I haven’t seen before and some of them get added because I like the middle like Brecklen Geneva. I love getting comments just so I know someone out there are reading these 🙂 even if it is to say what names you don’t like.

      • Skurinksi says:

        I like that you include all names. What’s the point at checking out uncommon names that parents are naming, if we filter them?

      • Oh please don’t ever start filtering out unlikeable names – they’re my favourites!!!

        Still recovering from Kenzington Royal and Heaven Reign (I know they probably meant this religiously, but it just reminds me of the “heavens raining” in an extremely wet sort of way).

      • Sophia says:

        Oh no no no guys I didn’t mean you should filter out not-to-your-taste names at all! As much as they make me cringe I love reading what different parents decide to name their babies, it’s fascinating. Sorry if it came of snarky.

      • Names4Real says:

        Oh, no. I didn’t think you came off snarky. I was just trying to explain my process. 🙂

      • Sophia says:


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