• Adelle Laura
  • Asen Jon
  • Beckham Reid
  • Beritt Marie
  • Breena Jade
  • Brody Knox
  • Cannon Blake
  • Cassi Evelee
  • Christopher Valentin
  • Colby Samantha
  • Cooper Milburne
  • Devin Unique (boy)
  • Eli Uriah
  • Ellie Rain
  • Evangelina Violet
  • Gia Rain
  • Hayden Dillard
  • Heidi Ellison
  • Jack Ludwig
  • Jentry Jace
  • Kalina Payton
  • Knox Wyatt
  • Lauren Brindley  
  • Layden James
  • Levente Fate (boy)
  • Macy Hazel
  • Maylee Yating
  • Mianicia Elisabeth
  • Oceana Luzero
  • Penda Laris
  • Raima Gale
  • Samuel Watts
  • Shylin Rain
  • Sybil Makayla
  • Talulah Paige
  • Theander Joseph
  • Tullis Van
  • Violet Royal
  • William Gatlin
  • Xander Graham 
  • Zander Lane


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10 Responses to THEANDER & TULLIS (Sunday)

  1. Emily says:

    My favorites are Adelle Laura, Christopher Valentin, and Evangelina Violet. I’m loving that Ludwig, Uriah, and Sybil popped in for an unexpected visit. 😉 How interesting to see Rain in the middle spot three times.. I know two little girls with the middle name Rain. I think Rain could easily become the next Kate or Rose.

    • Emily says:

      I also think Xander/Zander is going to get a lot more popular in the next few years. What do you guys think?

      • Names4Real says:

        I have been seeing more Xander and Zander’s lately. It may get a bump too from January Jones who named her son Xander Dane next month.

        🙂 I should have checked this list better. 3 rain’s and 2 Xander/Zander. I try not to repeat myself.

  2. Levente and Penda are really interesting! Boys or girls?

  3. Probably a girl? Just guessing ….

  4. LeeLee says:

    Violet Royal?!?! I LOVE it. Sounds like a character from a Wes Anderson film.

    BTW – I just found your site and it is so amazing! Thank you for doing this!

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