• Afton Adelle
  • Asher Fife
  • Betsabe Journey
  • Bley David
  • Coral Rose
  • Crosby Hyde
  • Desi Anne Lucille
  • Duke Isaac
  • Eliza Holland
  • Ethan Percival
  • Faith Irene
  • Finnias Jude
  • Gabriel Phoenix
  • Gatlin Wyatt
  • Gretchen Adrienne
  • Heavenly Faith
  • Henry Monroe
  • Isaac Gideon
  • Ivy Helena-Rose
  • Jackson Fox
  • Jaden Revie (girl)
  • Kelvin Twiggs
  • Kila Brielle
  • Lake Ronald
  • Luna Genesis
  • Maisie Elizabeth
  • Matthew Thad
  • Mia Blossom
  • Mika Lori
  • Noemi Emese
  • Payne Douglas
  • Phlyn John
  • Rafe Theron
  • Riley Lennon
  • Rose Margo
  • Shannon Opal
  • Taylor Knight
  • Trace Bradford
  • Twyla Faye
  • Uriah Ryne
  • Valentina Annarose
  • Vivian Perry
  • William Fenwick
  • Willow Lola
  • Zahra Sinclair
  • Zander Mack
  • Zeke Christopher Graham
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5 Responses to ASHER FIFE & MIA BLOSSOM (Sunday)

  1. Betsabe is interesting – it looks like a pet name for Elizabeth, but I looked it up and it’s the Spanish form of Bathsheba.

    Bathsheba seems rather heavy and clunky, while Betsabe seems cute.

  2. Skurinksi says:

    Bley and Crosby, unusual. Really like Zeke better than Ezekiel.

    Phlyn? Ok…

  3. Sophia says:

    Well someone’s an ‘I Love Lucy’ fan! Desi Anne Lucille cracked me up.
    I love Asher Fife, Eliza Holland, Finnias Jude, Gabriel Phoenix, Henry Monroe, Ivy Helena-Rose, Maisie Elizabeth, Mia Blossom, Rose Margo, Valentina Annarose and Willow Lola.

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