Anita Mae

Aston Landen

Atticus Blaze

Briar Timothy

Brinley Lorraine

Conyer Colten

Copelyn Marissa

Daisy Miranda 

Dixon Noble

Easton Chandler

Evadne Mae

Fisher Nicole

Francie Christina

Garix Alexander

Harlow Sage

Harrison Grey

Ireland Lou

Isaac Priest

Jagger Blaine

Jovi Amelia

Jude MacDowell

Keiran Rhys 

Kragen Elizabeth

Lennon J.R.

Lily Apple

Lukas Starr

Lydia Irene

Maureen Wilder

Meadow Faith

Micah Bixby

Natalie Mildred

Nevick Christopher

Nick Colby

Olivia Grady

Phil Lamar

Preslynn Kate

Rex Donald

Robert Quail

Rose Courtney

Seth Memphis

Sloan Violet

Sully Aaron

Teagan Miles

Tessa Annie

Vera Madison

Vivienne Donna

Wiley Taver

Willa Dawn

Zeke Hoffer

Ziva Rose

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14 Responses to EVADNE MAE (Sunday)

  1. Emily says:

    This list is so interesting! I’m loving these: Briar Timothy, Daisy Miranda, Evadne Mae, Francie Christina, Harrison Grey, Lydia Irene, and Maureen Wilder. There are some interesting middle name choices here as well: Noble, Priest, Apple, Starr (this looks like it might be a maiden name), Mildred, Quail.

  2. Caira says:

    I admire Lydia Irene from your unique list. Recently i have kept a name olivia from babynology.com,

  3. Caira says:

    I picked Lydia Irene for my niece , recently i have seen the meaning of lydia in babynology.

  4. LOVE Lily Apple, and Seth Memphis sounds like a rock star. But a girl called Kragen? I don’t like it on a boy, but I get the appeal of Craig + en. I’m stunned to see it on a girl. Micah Bixby & Daisy Miranda are cool. Oh, and I’m always surprised to see Briar on a boy. It makes me think of Briar Rose, from the fairy tale, so it reads feminine – but on sound alone, I can see it on a son.

  5. Atticus Blaze seems familiar somehow — is it because, read a certain way, it sounds like “attics blaze”?

    Agree with Abby about Lily Apple. A lovely combination. Apple is such as happy name. Love it.

    Daisy Miranda is lovely too.

    I like Evadne, but I do feel Mae is becoming a bit of a cliché as a middle name (certainly in the UK, anyway).

    Great to see a Mildred, even if it only as a middle name.

  6. Casey Schlatter says:

    How do you pronounced Evadne?

  7. Skurinksi says:

    Nice to see Wiley somewhere, although I prefer the Wylie spelling.

    Overall the first names were kinda plain, middle names a bit more interesting.

  8. Sophia says:

    Ooh, some lovely names here! I’m loving Atticus Blaze, Daisy Miranda, Harlow Sage, Ireland Lou, Jovi Amelia, Lily Apple, Meadow Faith, Sloan Violet, Tessa Annie, Vivienne Donna and Ziva Rose. Can’t stand Kragen, especially on a little girl! Emily, you’re probably right about Starr being a maiden name, I know two kids, Cyrus and Violet, who both have Starr as their middle name, which is their mum’s maiden name.

  9. Jagger Blaine is so rockstar! Love Lucas Starr also.

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