CAYSON POE (Connecticut)

  • Adan Prayer 
  • Austin Cleveland
  • Boden Ramon
  • Cameron Arthur
  • Carol Amy
  • Cayson Poe
  • Ciriana Rose
  • Crosby Jared
  • Dana Kelly
  • Ella Sha
  • Emilion Julius
  • Fallon Liberty
  • George Cahill
  • Gia Quinn
  • Harland Gabriel
  • Haydian Daniel 
  • Henrik Dennis
  • Hylton Antonio
  • Jameson Raj
  • Jane Dahlia
  • Jeffree Orlando
  • Jolysa Unique
  • Joniel Moises
  • Jude Ezra
  • Juliet Harper
  • Laila Rosalie
  • Lathan West
  • Lian Ray (boy)
  • Marcel Brian
  • Marina Sophia
  • Mary Louise
  • Milania Lenyce
  • Nora Ruby
  • Sadie Ayanna
  • Sciarra Rebecca
  • Sonya Mae
  • Torin Thomas
  • Trista Liliana


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7 Responses to CAYSON POE (Connecticut)

  1. Emily says:

    Some fabulous names on this list. Crosby Jared, Jude Ezra, Marina Sophia, and Sciarra Rebecca are my favorites. Mary Louise (this was my great-aunt’s name) and Sonya Mae are precious.

  2. Juliet Harper is great – current, but not trendy.

  3. marginamia says:

    Jane Dahlia and Laila Rosalie!!!! These would make lovely twins, actually.

  4. I’m intrigued by the virtue name Prayer – one I haven’t come across before.

  5. brandy says:

    i like trista it’s cute…

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