DEVANA & IGNATIA (Australia)

  • Airlie Eden
  • Amelia Leonie
  • Angus Ewan
  • Arden Hugh
  • Ayton James
  • Billie Linette
  • Boston Chad
  • Casper John Carroll
  • Charlize Paiton
  • Claudia Vivian
  • Coby Willis
  • Damon Peter
  • Declan Daine
  • Devana Beverley
  • Elias Harper
  • Elka Lilli
  • Eloise Veronique
  • Esther Sage
  • Freja Nieve
  • Gisele Lila
  • Giulia Colella
  • Ignatia Rose
  • Indigo Jean 
  • Isaac Milos
  • Ivy Bernice
  • Jed Hardy
  • Jordan Merola
  • Judson Lindsay
  • Kobi Joanne
  • Lawson Joel
  • Lewtas Geoffrey (Lola & Frankie)
  • Lily Ida
  • Lucinda Louise
  • Macarthur James
  • Mae Maggie (Ava)
  • Marianne Janine
  • Matin Antony
  • Meika Laine
  • Memphis Kruz (Harpa (g)
  • Nerida Kayelene
  • Oliver Sidney
  • Paddy Julian
  • Paige Indiana
  • Pippa Jean (Matilda)
  • Rory Xavier
  • Sadie Victoria
  • Sophie Tamika
  • Stirling Gilbert Melbourne (Gentiane, Liberty & Amelie)
  • Trinity Autumn
  • Tristan Kiril
  • Willow Maya


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7 Responses to DEVANA & IGNATIA (Australia)

  1. Wow, a lot of names I recognise from my blog! 🙂 Charlize, Jed Hardy (same one?), Nerida, Paddy.

    Aha! I see a Pippa!!! Knew they were coming (saw one recently).

    Airlie is a famous beach, btw.

  2. Emily says:

    I was going to pick out my favorites, but once it got to the point where my favorites were over half the list, well, I figured I’d just leave it at this: I LOVE these names! I would like to send flowers to the parents of Ignatia, Lucinda, and Claudia. Absolutely lovely.

  3. Ignatia is glorious. Sage is an excellent middle name choice, I think. And I do like to see an Indigo :).

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