• Abriella Juliet 
  • Ainsley Maeve
  • Ariel Shalom (girl)
  • Athena Sophia
  • Brandt Everett
  • Brax Thomas
  • Cashton Hiland 
  • Charlee Aldina
  • Corbin Theodore
  • Dexter Russell
  • Douglas Glendale
  • Emily Owen
  • Esther Pearl
  • Gavin Leo
  • Grady Kilian
  • Guinevere Lux
  • Holt Christopher
  • Jaks Michael 
  • Kane Ike
  • Katarina Elizabeth
  • Lenynn Nancy
  • Liam Beck 
  • Lillian Vi 
  • Linnea Kaleigh
  • Martius Isaac
  • Mia Colleen
  • Nixon Lawrence
  • Perry James
  • Sadie Alexis
  • Sena Renee
  • Sydney Sprague
  • Tate Edward
  • Ty Gilman
  • Zada Grace
  • Zy Wrigley (boy)
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10 Responses to SYDNEY SPRAGUE & ZY WRIGLEY (North Dakota)

  1. Emily says:

    Abriella is pretty. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that one before. Abriella Juliet is a lovely name. I’m also loving Guinevere Lux, Esther Pearl, and Dexter Russell. Douglas Glendale sounds particularly distinguished. Is it just me, or do there seem to be some particularly stylish hipsters in North Dakota?

  2. Dexter Russell and Guinevere Lux! I want to send their parents presents. Esther Pearl, too. I like Grady. Cashton makes me twitch. Inevitable, I guess – but there’s Cassius and Cassian and Cashel … so Cashton feels forced and unnecessary.

  3. namemuststay says:

    There’s something about Linnea that I’ve always, always loved.

  4. Skurinksi says:

    what kinda of a name is Sprague? And is it a boy or girl?

    Ariel Shalom sounds really masculine, don’t know what her parents were thinking.

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