JETTA & LEANDER (Missouri)

  • Ada Maxine
  • Aidan Miller
  • Barrett Matthew
  • Berkley Claire
  • Bohdi Lee 
  • Bristol Frances
  • Callie Cathryn
  • Carolina NancyAnne
  • Clara Brynn
  • Clark Alexander
  • Coy Andrew
  • Eliza Rain
  • Elwin River
  • Ezra Harvey
  • Finley Sue
  • Fiona Abbigail
  • Harper Lorraine
  • Henry Beckett
  • Jasper Monroe
  • Jetta Faye 
  • Kesi Lynn
  • Leander Dempsey
  • Marshall Herbert
  • Nora Hadley
  • Oliver Royce
  • Oscar Dean
  • Penelope Susan
  • Raven Marea
  • Rex Jackson
  • Wayland Ray
  • Zana Brielle
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7 Responses to JETTA & LEANDER (Missouri)

  1. Jetta Faye? Be still my heart! GREAT name. I like Penelope Susan, and I love the initials P.S. Oh, and Rex Jackson? Doesn’t he sound like he should be the most promising pitcher on a farm team headed to the major leagues? Oh, and Ezra Harvey – I do like Ezra Harvey quite a bit, too!

    • Names4Real says:

      I never thought about that, but those (P.S.) are neat initials.

      I like Jetta too, but she’s a rare sighting. Darn Volkswagon.

      That’s the perfect description of Rex Jackson. I can totally picture him.

  2. Leander is a name I just love … so handsome!

    Eliza Rain – too cute! 🙂

  3. Skurinksi says:

    I hate hate hate Finley on a girl. That family should go to the UK and feel the side glances from everyone.

  4. namemuststay says:

    I’ve always liked Mercedes as a name, but I can’t get my head around Jetta. I’ve had so many friends who’ve owned Jettas, that’s probably why (no friends with Mercedes, too rich for our blood 😉

    I’ve also always loved Bodhi as a name, but I have no personal connection to it, so I shouldn’t use it. It’s such a spiritually loaded name, I feel like to use it just for the sake of it will cause way too many name explanation conversations…

  5. Emily says:

    I’m loving Ezra Harvey, Oscar Dean, and Penelope Susan. Rex Jackson is pretty awesome.

  6. babynamelover says:

    I like Henry Beckett 🙂

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