LOUISA & MABEL (Australia)

  • Adele Bronte (Paige)
  • Alby Mitchell 
  • Amarlie Claire
  • Archer Clinton
  • Augustus Carlisle “Gus”
  • Avie Quinn
  • Blake Lennox
  • Campbell Miller
  • Caris Lesley
  • Christian Mauro
  • Ciarna Grace
  • Cruz Rossco (Jordan)
  • Daisy Doreen
  • Darcy Paterson
  • Eleanor Matilda
  • Elefterios (boy)
  • Eloise Daisy (Thomas)
  • Essie Lea  (Eva & Ola)
  • Evangeline Elizabeth-Rose
  • Fletcher Darcy
  • Gia Nicoletta
  • Gideon Frederick 
  • Harrison Macklin 
  • Holly Prudence
  • Hunter Vito
  • Indianna Georgie
  • Isabelle Charlize
  • Jake Casius
  • Jemima Isabel
  • Johnny Danger (Jessica)
  • Keeley Montana
  • Lachlan Arnoldus 
  • Leonidas Donald 
  • Lilijah Jewell
  • Louis Felix
  • Louisa Irene (Emily)
  • Mabel Olive (Clancy)
  • Majella Jean
  • Marty Wayman
  • Maximus Noel 
  • Maya Helen
  • Millicent Lindsay
  • Morris Roland
  • Myah Auria
  • Noah Webster
  • Olivia Fane
  • Oscar Quinn
  • Perryn May
  • Rohan Marshall
  • Rose Elizabeth (Henry & Edward)
  • Sibylla Amaryllis
  • Sid Ashley
  • Tamryn Leila 
  • Taylor Luke (Brodie)
  • Victoria Annes
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6 Responses to LOUISA & MABEL (Australia)

  1. Love Jemima Isabel and Eloise Daisy; Rose Elizabeth with brothers Henry and Edward is sweet.

    Gideon Frederick is handsome, and intrigued by a baby Leonidas (recently featured at Appn Mtn).

    Sibylla is a name I’m seeing a lot of recently. Danger as the middle name – still going strong! Johnny Danger seems like a parody of already-parodic Johnny English …

  2. Breee says:

    I love Adele Bronte! Stunning. Augustus Carlisle is lovely, Sibylla Amaryllis is beautiful too.

  3. Marginamia says:

    Love Mabel, Augustus, and surprisingly, Holly Prudence!

  4. namemuststay says:

    I’m never upset when parents have the guts to use Danger as a middle name! I love it!

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