• Adalyn Paradise
  • Andrea Dell
  • Arabella Jade
  • Aubree Zayde
  • Aubryn Rena
  • Beckett Gage
  • Cambri Braylen
  • Corbin Heath
  • Cori Beth
  • Dallas Martin
  • Dorian Shane
  • Drayke Lucian
  • Fawn Macie
  • Frederick Andrew
  • Garyn Kimberlee
  • Harlow Skye
  • Jantzen Wheeler
  • Kingston Rush 
  • Kurt Vann
  • Lennox Elijah
  • Lexi Love
  • Lillie Genevee
  • Lucian Stanley
  • Lunari Elise
  • Lunden Bray (girl)
  • Malcolm Dwight
  • Mary Washington
  • Morgan Patrick 
  • Oliver Merle
  • Owen Hugh
  • Ramsi Jade
  • Rocco Luke
  • Rosetta Jewel
  • Sarah Drew
  • Suzannah Claire
  • Thaddeus Nigel
  • Travis Alfred
  • Vanna-Claire
  • William Colt
  • Zaraya Jean
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9 Responses to FAWN & FREDERICK (Alabama)

  1. Paradise is a LOT of name – but in the middle spot, I almost like it.

  2. April says:

    A lot of these feel to me like the rythm is awkward. But then I say them a few times to myself and kind of like them.

  3. Sarah A says:

    Lunden Bray is all kinds of awful; even Londyn would have been better.

    Kingston Rush is really, really awesome. I’m also loving Frederick, Mary, Dorian, and Malcolm.

    • Names4Real says:

      I think of Lunden as a last name (like Joan Lunden) and not a respelling of London. Hopefully, that is what they were going for.

      • Sarah A says:

        I could see that – but I think I’m just not giving the parents as much credit as you are 🙂

        I have a low tolerance for variant spellings in general, and “alternative” spellings of real places like London, Alabama, Paris, etc. really annoy me 😉

      • Names4Real says:

        Yeah, I agree with you. I don’t like when words or places get misspelled either. I just know that in the south we love to use last names first so in this case I prefer Lunden to Londyn. 🙂

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  5. namemuststay says:

    Genevee, so cute!

    Vanna will always make me think of Vanna White.

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