• Abel Greyson
  • Ainsley Harper
  • Arianna Scott (Cassandra & Bianca)
  • Ava Nell 
  • Ayaan Jay (Austin, Aaron, Rachel, Harmony, & Kaya)
  • Cal Jacob
  • Charle Evans (Michael & Caroline)
  • Cora Jillian (Addison)
  • Corbyn Leland
  • Delana Ann
  • Elsie Praise
  • Gabe William
  • Howard Herbert
  • Jace-Michael Dean
  • Jonah Ulysses
  • Jori Katherine
  • Kemper William 
  • Kinnick Timothy
  • Landry Addison (Preston & Nessa)
  • Lane Henry
  • Levi Cole
  • Maddie Mae
  • Max Corwin
  • Minka Elizabeth
  • Nolan Gray
  • Orren Jungest
  • Pacey JoAnn
  • Quinn Easton
  • Reese Zita
  • Rowan Raymond
  • Sloane Rae (girl)
  • Taylor Michael 
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12 Responses to ELSIE PRAISE (Iowa)

  1. interesting to see Taylor, Quinn, Lane and Rowan on lads, which makes for a pleasant surprise. I’m also crushing on Elsie right now, she sounds so carefree.

  2. Abel is one of my current favorites. Praise in the middle spot is great! Cora and Addison – I wonder if Addison is a boy? Or is it a family name maybe? Hmmm …

  3. namemuststay says:

    Praise is totally gaining traction in the US, I’ve seen it fairly often and it’s been a topic of discussion among namers – you either get it or you don’t, I think, and I haven’t heard it used by anyone who was very clearly non-Christian. Can’t tell with Elsie, of course, but I have my suspicions.

    All these names kind of have a midwest feel to them except for Minka, Sloane, and Ayaan – especially Pacey JoAnn. Future Miss America 😉

  4. Praise is a brand of mayonnaise here, so I don’t think see it taking off in similar fashion.

    But it’s a great name otherwise!

  5. Skurinksi says:

    is Landry a boy or a girl?

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