• Alexa Vesper
  • Arabella Iona Rose (Olivia)
  • Arthur Benedict (Ivy)
  • Beatrice Blossom
  • Bonnie Megan (Elena May)
  • Calder O’Hagan
  • Clementine Judith
  • Cosmo Edward Stanley (Willoughby)
  • Edie Charlotte Rita (Lola)
  • Elijah Magic 
  • Emma Carrigan
  • Florence Pascale
  • George Jonathan Race
  • Georgina Nancy
  • Harry Woody Kenneth (Ollie, Jonny, & Eloise)
  • Hope Anna Sinclair
  • Ines Gabriella Linnea
  • Jake Heneage Charles
  • Jemima Julia Philippa 
  • Kimball Jack (Finnian & Joseph)
  • Kit Francis (Stella)
  • Lara Beatrice
  • Martha Maud (Guy)
  • Maximillian Leonard 
  • Miriam Joy (Daniel & Esther)
  • Morgan Montgomery
  • Octavia Lily Brooke
  • Oscar Felix Theodore
  • Pandora Winifred (Nelson)
  • Polly Alethea 
  • Ralph Gryffyn
  • Ranulf George Peter
  • Rosalind Jane
  • Rosemary Florence
  • Ross Ninian Cormac (Oliver)
  • Samuel Zsigmond (William)
  • Scarlet Gray (Caspian)
  • Skye Madeleine Lillie (Willow)
  • Valentina Somei
  • Wilfred Arthur
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5 Responses to PANDORA WINIFRED (London)

  1. Emily says:

    These are all fabulous (I wouldn’t expect anything less from London). Elijah Magic made me smile. Magic as a middle name is so cool. There’s something about siblings Caspian and Scarlet that I really like. Any name with Arthur in it is a winner for me, because I absolutely love that name. Arthur and Ivy? Love. Wilfred Arthur? Love. I think my favorites are Cosmo Edward Stanley, Oscar Felix Theodore, Arabella Iona Rose, and Octavia Lily Brooke.

  2. namemuststay says:

    Scarlet and Caspian is like sibset perfection.

    And I wonder what the parents of Ranulf will call their child, nickname-wise.

    Hope you won’t mind if I add you to my blogroll!

  3. Elijah Magic is just brilliant, and I love the sibset Stella and Kit. So 18th century!

  4. Nicolle says:

    Love Elijah Magic, Kit Francis and Octavia Lily!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE Pandora Winifred!!!

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