• Alice Rival Lucille
  • Andilyn Pearl 
  • Atticus Blaine Brian 
  • Beniah Thomas
  • Cassidy Belle
  • Claudio Alexander
  • Dallin Jeffrey 
  • Deller Jay (boy)
  • Eamon Rhyph
  • Emarion Duane
  • Emmerson Dorothy
  • Finneas Michael
  • Georgia Blythe
  • Glenna Mae
  • Harleyrose Jeanette
  • Huxton Lee
  • Jolie Brynn
  • Langdyn Bree
  • LeeAnn Christine
  • Lucian Nesta
  • Maddox Brekkin
  • Maximilian Sterling
  • Myles Emerson
  • Nellie May
  • Princeton Leon
  • Quinn Sophia
  • Raven Lane (girl)
  • Renata Isabella
  • Rosalie Gracelyn
  • Rowyn Kade (boy)
  • Ryan Monroe
  • Ryland Lock
  • Sage Forrest (boy)
  • Sharon Arlene
  • Sookie Louise
  • Sullivan Ronald
  • Theodore Edwin
  • Torriane Lucille
  • Vivian Maritsa
  • Zarianna Mikayla
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10 Responses to ALICE RIVAL LUCILLE (Michigan)

  1. Oh no Sookie – does that mean the same thing in America it does here? Because that’s not nice, if so …

    Lucian Nesta confuses me, because Lucian is male, but Nesta female (an old form of Agnes). I can’t imagine a boy called Agnes?

    Raven Lane – girl?

    Theodore Edwin – lovely.

    • Names4Real says:

      I googled Sookie to see what you meant/what Sookie meant. Interesting. I’ve never heard it used that way so it must be an Australian thing. There’s a few tv shows where Sookie is a character (Gilmore Girls & True Blood) so I’m assuming that was the inspiration.

      I didn’t know that about Nesta either. I think about Bob Nesta Marley because that was the inspiration behind Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s son Zuma Nesta Rock so I assume that’s what Lucian parents were referring too.

      Yes, Raven Lane is a girl.

  2. Emily says:

    Georgia Blythe and Myles Emerson are my favorites. Most of the others are just a little horrific… Langdyn? Rowyn? Brekkin? Rival? Yeck.

  3. Skurinksi says:

    Sage Forrest is my favourite, swoon!

  4. Dearest says:

    I love seeing a Renata!
    And Maximilian Sterling is a bit heavy but beautiful ^^

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