• Abigail Helga
  • Amorin Alexis
  • Andrew Arnel 
  • Avalee Cynthia
  • Beckett Cantwell
  • Brinley Alexa
  • Caius James
  • Cedar Lynn
  • Clara Maelle
  • Dalia Miriam
  • Daro Carlos
  • Dylan Scarlett
  • Eric Hearth
  • Eva Klara (Isaac, Isabelle, & Naomi)
  • Finley Oliver Albert
  • Hadley Elena Lilly
  • Honey Christine
  • Jaitham Brit
  • Josephine Esther Ann
  • Kai Marley (boy)
  • Keifer Caden Allan
  • Kodiak Skylar
  • Kylynn Sophia
  • Malcolm Davies
  • Mandela Josephine
  • Mayelle Elizabeth Darleen
  • Micah Meir
  • Millicent Isabel 
  • Neve Zina (Wilder & Dylan)
  • Paxten Heikki
  • Quinn London (girl)
  • Racin Allan
  • Ronan Walter Blaine
  • Ruby Adeline
  • Rustin Keith
  • Talon Chase
  • Tamberly Natara
  • Theanna Sandra Mae
  • Theodore Reginald Axel 
  • William Govind Hingston
  • Zander James Trek
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7 Responses to HONEY & KODIAK (Canada)

  1. Emily says:

    Ronan Walter Blaine and Millicent Isabel are my favorites. Racin is an odd choice. Coming from the South, I hear someone saying “I’m racin’ you to the finish line!” As a matter of fact, all the -in and -en names tend to sound like verbs to me…

  2. Honey and Kodiak are both pretty awesome as first names; so many people would be tempted to tuck them away in middle-name position.

    I like Finley Oliver Albert, and quite like Ruby Adeline.

    I can see Kai Marley being popular with many, and also Talon Chase.

    Zander James Trek seems like a Star Trek reference (James Kirk + Star Trek, and Zander Cannon writes Star Trek stuff).

  3. Violet says:

    Gender of Quinn London?

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