• Adeline Gray
  • Amos Everett
  • Bennett Elwood
  • Brantley Zane
  • Bronx Matthew
  • Campbell Emiline
  • Cartrissa Sherri
  • Charleston Van Christian
  • Christopher Caprice
  • Colt Kerry
  • Dashun Nathan
  • Diana Jacqueline
  • Eli Blair
  • Elsa Parrish
  • Emmaline Sawyer  
  • Esmeralda Magdalena
  • Gage Gatewood
  • Garrison Radman
  • Hans Windley 
  • India Javea
  • Jacob Plair
  • Jesse Leonard
  • Jones Thomas
  • Katie Aslynd
  • Kelby Todd 
  • Kennedy Elijah
  • Kiersten Simone
  • Kipp Reagan (girl)
  • Kullen Stark
  • Lanier Elizabeth
  • Luke Rutledge
  • Mary Ellis
  • Maurice Keno
  • Mesi Bernard
  • Miller Haze
  • Nikita Nicole
  • Noah Emory
  • Olin Virgil
  • Palyn Ansley
  • Parker Guy
  • Paxton Lane
  • Pearcen David
  • Rhett Byron
  • Sherry Emma
  • Teagan Moon
  • Timber Glenn
  • Trennedy Mariah
  • Victoria Scarlet
  • Zandria Katia
  • Zoah Riley (girl)
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9 Responses to CHARLESTON VAN CHRISTIAN (Georgia)

  1. Emily says:

    This is close to home! 🙂 I’m really loving Amos Everett, Victoria Scarlet, Rhett Byron, and Noah Emory. Charleston Van Christian is a lot of name. I can only imagine what inspired Miller Haze’s middle name… Bennett Elwood is nerdy but in a cool way.

  2. Oooh, Timber, that’s unusual! And I love Moon as a middle name.

    Some very handsome names down in Georgia! (Although why I say “down” when it’s much further north than me, I don’t know!!)

  3. Skurinksi says:

    Trennedy? Pearcen? Palyn? Zoah? Zandria? Cartrissa? Weird names people.

    Havent seen Diana and Elsa used in a while, quite refreshing actually.

    Kelby seems to be picking up steam for boys. I noticed Kennedy and Kerry there too, surprising.

    Eli Blair flows really nicely.

  4. Sarah A says:

    Esmeralda Magadalena has to be one of the most gorgeously melodious names I’ve seen in awhile! Rhett Byron = literary swoon.

  5. Marginamia says:

    Love Amos, Esmerelda, and Olin Virgil!

  6. Marginamia says:

    and how did I miss Elsa?!

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