ANITA & MURDOCH (New Zealand)

  • Anita Pedrazza
  • Annie Bess
  • Antonio Josip
  • Archie Rhys
  • Benedict Hunter Paul 
  • Brooklyn Anais
  • Chloe Janice Susan
  • Danae June
  • Deacon Reeves
  • Eleanor Iris Catherine “Ellie”
  • Fletcher James Munro
  • Gus Austin
  • Harriet Adelaide
  • Hazel Louise Fitzgerald (Georgia)
  • Hugh Devine
  • Jasper Sean
  • Lincoln James Ellis
  • Luca Frank
  • Matilda Mary Jean
  • Mia Daphne
  • Murdoch Gray (Imogen)
  • Nia Grace 
  • Olive Edie
  • Phillippa Heather
  • Ronan Alex
  • Ruby Eva 
  • Shepherd William (Annabelle)
  • Stirling Maxim
  • Tayla Briar
  • Thayer Hamish 
  • Theodore George
  • Walker Colin
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6 Responses to ANITA & MURDOCH (New Zealand)

  1. Love Harriet Adelaide and Theodore George.

  2. Emily says:

    I love Eleanor Iris Catherine, Fletcher James Munro, and Theodore George. There’s something about Philippa Heather I really like as well.

  3. Pedrazza is snazzy! Love Thayer and Fletcher. Annabelle and Shepherd is a great sibset. Oh, and I adore Danae, but fret about pronunciation issues.

  4. matildasmum says:

    I love, love, love that my daughter’s name is here. Matilda Mary Jean.

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