Cressida Blueberry (London)

  • Amelie Honor
  • Archer Orlando Marley
  • Beatrice Alba 
  • Benedict Peter (Sebastian & Augustine)
  • Betsy Grace (Harry)
  • Christian Eryl
  • Clementina Rose Thela
  • Cressida Blueberry (Cosima & George)
  • Edward Jethro John
  • Emily Bluebell (Leo & jasper)
  • Finlay David North
  • Florence Honor Wyndham (Poppy)
  • Francesca Sarah Henriette (Mercedes)
  • Harley Alan (Havana Rex)
  • Havana Jane (Barnaby)
  • Henrietta Elizabeth Georgina
  • Honor Mary Petra
  • Isobel Antonia Bay 
  • Ivo Roland
  • Joseph Garner “Joe”
  • Kitty Edith
  • Ludo Andrew Evelyn 
  • Marina Ursula (Alexander, Kit, & Jonny)
  • Merryn Dharshana
  • Monty James Bellamy (Inigo)
  • Ophelia Maryrose Danai 
  • Paddy John Christopher (Bertie & Grace)
  • Renn Abigail (Kaia Nicole)
  • Rocco Maximus
  • Rose Marguerite Sybil 
  • Rupert Christopher John
  • Saskia Ruth (Samuel)
  • Serenity Lilac (Ophelia & Peonie)
  • Tessa Romily (Laurie)
  • Tibaud Edward
  • Zachary Alastair
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10 Responses to Cressida Blueberry (London)

  1. I adore the name Cressida, especially since I’m a huge fan of the children’s author Cressida Cowell. I’ve also started coming ’round to the name Kitty as it stands, and Kitty Edith is simply delightful, as is Saskia Ruth and Rupert Christopher John!

  2. Very English! Must be the Times/Telegraph again! I like the name Cressida too — though the Shakespearian character detracts. Do love the Blueberry bit, and I’ve always had a soft spot for Ludo and Ivo. I used to love Maximus too — until Gladiator. Now it just annoys me.

  3. Skurinksi says:

    Rocco Maximus is spunky.

    Finlay David North is pretty good too.

    Loving Ivo!

  4. Emily says:

    I must truly be a Brit at heart, because I far prefer British names over American names. All of these are simply wonderful. My favorites are Cressida Blueberry (with siblings Cosima and George!), Rupert Christopher John, Saskia Ruth, Tessa Romily, and Monty James Bellamy.

  5. Love Cressida Blueberry (just makes me 🙂 ) and Finlay David North.

  6. Marginamia says:

    Oh, this list! Where to start? The names alone are so, so yummy, and then you see them with their siblings and now I want to go eat a brownie and read them all again.

    I’m partial to: Cressida Blueberry (esp with Cosima and George), Saskia Ruth, Rupert Christopher, Ivo Roland, and Kitty Edith. Ophelia paired with Mayrose is nice, and I’m so happy to see Bluebell, as well!

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