• Aeona Aurora
  • Annabella Delila
  • Arthur Eugene
  • Baynaii Adrian
  • Belma Lilic 
  • Brissa Arely
  • Carol Tempora
  • Chet LaMar 
  • Constance Audrey
  • Dallie Elaine
  • Daphne Loea
  • Dempsey Anne
  • Drezden Ian
  • Eli Texas 
  • Gonzalo Manuel
  • Grayson Porter
  • Henlee Jo 
  • Iella Bree
  • Jake Buster
  • Jayden Able
  • Jezabel Paula
  • Josiah Benito
  • Julian Quinn
  • Kamas Rose 
  • Kegston Keaton
  • Kellan Kightlinger
  • Kristayla May
  • Lennyn Castro
  • Liam Jefferson
  • Lucero Cano
  • Mack Clark
  • Martha Mera
  • Micah Deborah
  • Nash Charles
  • Oakley Thor
  • Paxton Downey
  • Quaid Mycle
  • Raiden Storm
  • Reimi Lenora
  • River Bearett
  • Roscoe Aamir
  • Ruth Hazel 
  • Sadaris Robert
  • Sloane Angelina
  • Swentz Kelsen
  • Topanga Mae
  • Trudy Grace
  • Urijah Vildo 
  • Violet Rain
  • Zala Kole 
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11 Responses to DEMPSEY ANNE (Idaho)

  1. Violet Rain makes me think only of the song by the artist formerly known as Prince – Purple Rain. I’m wondering whether that was deliberate or not?

  2. Emily says:

    Arthur Eugene, Constance Audrey, and Julian Quinn are my favorites from this list. Raiden Storm sounds violent.

  3. An interesting selection!

    I came across a Dresden China in the 19th Century British Births, Marriages and Deaths once. I’m not sure I’d use it or a variant now, personally, since the city was fire-bombed virtually out of existence in WW2.

    Is Quaid Mycle a creative spelling of Cade Michael, do we think?

    I understand the sentiment behind Tempora — but it does unfortunately make me think of tempura.

    Maybe it’s just the fact we’ve had a few downpours today, but my eye first read Violet Rain as Violent Rain!

    I do rather like Oakley Thor and Jezabel. But I think my picks from this list are Constance Audrey and Arthur Eugene — they have a rather charming vintage ring to them.

    • Names4Real says:

      Thanks for sharing that about Dresden. I love hearing interesting tidbits about names.

      I think Mycle is Michael, but I would say Quaid like Dennis Quaid, not Cade.

      Ooh, violent rain would not be good. 🙂

  4. Skurinksi says:

    is Oakley becoming trendy? I do rather love it.

    Julian Quinn is a really good combo.

    Arthur Eugene on the other hand to me reads old man.

  5. Jake Buster – such a total “boy name”! River Bearett makes me think of a bear in a river … not that that’s a bad thing.

    Baynaii is a name I have never heard before; I wonder where it’s from?

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