• Analy Suzy
  • Athan Eleric
  • Azura Sky
  • Blayze Stanton
  • Brenley Morgan (girl)
  • Capri Caitlyn
  • Charlisia Ann
  • Conrad Robert
  • Coraline Lotus
  • Davina Autumn
  • Dawsyn Ann
  • Dorothy Dae
  • Dyson Cane
  • Elijah Rain
  • Eowyn Arianna
  • Evelyn Belinda
  • Felicity Lillian
  • Finnian Dexter
  • Gavin Jule
  • Georgia Michael
  • Hunter Buck
  • Hurley Knox
  • Jett Wallace
  • Johnny Blade
  • Jonah Knox 
  • Judith Naomi
  • Mac Weston
  • Madeleine Monore
  • Maggie Tessa
  • Memory Tristan (girl)
  • Mietta Hazel
  • Montana Hadley
  • Naomi Sage
  • Neal Malone
  • Randi Alana
  • Reece Everett
  • Rylen Rome
  • Sage Emerson (girl)
  • Shelby Earleen
  • Suzie Lorraine
  • Zahara Vernice


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14 Responses to AZURA & FINNIAN

  1. Athan Eleric is fascinating. I love Alaric, but I’m surprised by Eleric – it looks like electric. Memory Tristan for a girl? Hmmm … Memory Elizabeth or Meredith Tristan would be totally fine, IMHO, but I’d be frustrated to have a middle and first name that are so unusual. Davina Autumn and Coraline Lotus are gorgeous!

    • Names4Real says:

      When I googled Eleric, it asked me if I meant electric. 🙂 I couldn’t find anything on it so I think it is another spelling for Alaric, which I love too.
      Yeah, I agree with you about Memory Tristan.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Marginamia says:

    Judith Naomi, Dorothy Dae, Mietta Hazel. Mietta is new to me! love them. And I like Azura, but would prefer it with a different middle name, I think.

    • Names4Real says:

      I’ve seen Mietta a couple times in Australian birth announcements, but she’s rare.

      I agree with you about Azura. I like it, but its a little much with Sky as Azura means “blue sky”. Plus, its the name of the actress (she spells her name Skye though).

  3. Skurinksi says:

    I actually know a boy named Azure. The girls names are pretty interesting, the boy names not so much – for the 2nd time in a row. Let’s hope they get better

  4. I like Azura a lot — but isn’t Azura Skye an actress?

    Does Capri have the same connotation of the 1970s car in America?

    And the same goes for Lotus? 😀

    Certainly some very creative names here, what with Athan Eleric, Dawsyn and Vernice.

    Presumably Eowyn Arianna’s parents are fans of both LOTR and Harry Potter!

    I can’t say I like the combo Hunter Buck — bit too ‘macho’ for my taste; one or the other, is fine but both together is possibly a bit too much.

    Personally I rather like Memory Tristan; quite wistful. There’s no grammatical reason why Tristan shouldn’t be used for a girl.

    Nice to see so many natury names too! Sage is gathering pace, I think.

    • Skurinksi says:

      Well if we were giving names based on grammar, any name could be used on a girl or a boy tbh. Tristan is historically a male name, that’s reason enough for it not to be used on girls.

    • Names4Real says:

      I don’t have a car connotation for Capri (pants, yes. Car, no.), but I still like her. I do know that Lotus is a car name, but I think of the flower first.

      I don’t like Hunter Buck either. I’m betting the dad (and maybe mom) is/are deer hunters. It’s a little too specific for me, but its interesting so it made the list.

      I think Memory is a cool name, but I don’t care for Memory Tristan together. In fact, the first time I heard the name Tristan was on a little girl so Tristan works for a girl’s name IMO.
      I love nature names too and Sage is gaining in popularity for girls. I still like it for a boy too.

  5. Analy is just SO WRONG!!!!!

    Finnian Dexter is lovely: I could go for that one.

  6. Violet says:

    Dyson sounds like Die Son.

    I really like Elijah Rain.

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