• Alton Elisha
  • Avery Jackson
  • Blair Hadleigh
  • Brandon Colt
  • Calyx Joseph
  • Charlotte Suzanna
  • Cheyanne Dakota 
  • Colby Edward
  • Dash Scott
  • Dominique Alyssa
  • Dorothy May
  • Eden Samuel 
  • Edith Cailin
  • Edward Strong
  • Elliot Hope
  • Esme Fiona
  • Felicity Irene
  • Filomena Katherine
  • Gabrielle Rosalie
  • Garth Dean
  • Geneva Lucille
  • Grace Concetta
  • Isabella Sallie
  • Jenevieve Zephyra
  • Jodicee Michelle
  • Kiefer Stanton
  • Lachlan Brody
  • Legend Shante
  • Leilani Giselle
  • Lex Apollo
  • Lola Laine
  • Lorelei Charm
  • Maddox Etienne
  • Milo Leon
  • Molly Annette
  • Noah Emerson
  • Prudence Mary-Marie
  • Reese Delia
  • Remi Leigh (girl)
  • Sawyer Milloy
  • Tony Elminio
  • Vance Michael 
  • Zeke Malachi
  • Zion Victoria
  • Zora Rose
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9 Responses to LORELEI CHARM (New York)

  1. Emily says:

    There are some great ones in this set! I especially love Esme Fiona, Felicity Irene, Filomena Katherine, Grace Concetta, Maddox Etienne, Noah Emerson, and Sawyer Milloy. Lex Apollo is ultra cool. I also liked seeing Dorothy, Edith, and Prudence being used. And is it just me, or does Avery seem to be getting more popular for boys?

    • Names4Real says:

      There are a lot more girl Averys out there. I just don’t use a lot of them because it seems like their middle name is always Avery Kate, Avery Elizabeth, or Avery Grace.

  2. Skurinksi says:

    Calyx and Zeke are pretty cool names. Zion on a girl is ridiculous. Eden seems to be rising in popularity for boys, I actually prefer it on girls. Charm and Legend are pretty quirky.
    Cheyanne Dakota, I guess parents wanted a cowboy or cowgirl desperately…

  3. Sophia says:

    Mary-Marie? Odd.

  4. OMG, Lachlan Brody! There must be a hundred Australian kids at least with that name combo. I wonder if one of his parents are Australian?

  5. Delightfully ecletic mix of old and new.

    Is Elliot Hope a girl or a boy? I’m guessing a girl, but I am prepared to be wrong! I’ve always been a bit surprised that Elliot remains outside the top US 1000 as a girl’s name after Scrubs.

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