• Austin Davis
  • Bella Esperanza
  • Britlyn Renee
  • Carrey Joe (boy)
  • Ciara Lynette (Tatyana, Jasmine, & Royce)
  • Cole Britan
  • Devon Cullen 
  • Elijah Malier
  • Emalicia Camryn
  • Emma Ryan
  • Glen Lee
  • Gunner Lane
  • Harlon Blaine
  • Hayes Collins
  • Honor Iris Mae
  • Isabella Bresie
  • Jade Promise
  • Jed Carter
  • Josie Inez
  • Judge Anthony Dean
  • Kaleb Monroe
  • Kanyon Crusoe
  • Kendall Sterling (girl)
  • Kenley Parker (boy)
  • Kix Jameson 
  • Knox McCoy
  • Korlee Elizabeth
  • Kyle Jensen
  • Landry Kate
  • Larissa Dawn
  • Ledger Allen
  • Lexan Neiley
  • Luna Estell
  • Malley Stephen
  • Mattie McKenzie
  • Maya Charlize
  • Oswald Jack
  • Paisley Karlene
  • Penelope Aqua
  • River Slayde 
  • RoseAli Grace
  • Sage Eden (Asher)
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8 Responses to KIX JAMESON (Texas)

  1. Emily says:

    Oswald Jack struck me as unusually British for Texas.

  2. Luna Estell seems like astronomical overkill, and Jade Promise probably belongs in your article about sticking two vocabulary words together.

  3. And another Crusoe!

    I’ve seen Esperanza surfacing a couple of times recently — pretty, but it does make me think Esperanto.

    Knox McCoy conjures a rather alarming image of the Jolie-Pitts merging with Star Trek.

    Penelope Aqua is rather fetching, and I do like Sage Eden.

  4. Skurinksi says:

    I’m really liking Kenley Parker and Kanyon Crusoe. Judge is kinda weird. Carrey is pronounced like car-ee or cair-ee?

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